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YouTube backtracks, allows Calgary trans man's shirtless vid

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YouTube backtracks, allows Calgary trans man's shirtless vid

Earlier this year, Xtra reported on how Facebook banned Calgary trans man Dominic Scaia after he uploaded a post-op chest pic. Scaia's account was eventually reinstated, and Facebook apologized. (Though Scaia still has the occasional problem with Facebook deleting his pics...)

The latest? Scaia's video of his post-op chest was removed from YouTube because of "nudity." The video-sharing site has strict policies prohibiting sexual or graphic content, and YouTube's nudity policy is vague and arbitrarily applied. 

Alex Blaze, managing editor of the Bilerico Project, got in touch with YouTube and they have now reinstated Scaia's video. "We'll be doing some additional training around these issues," YouTube told Blaze. 



Here's the video that got Scaia in trouble: 

Scaia's YouTube case highlights a growing problem: large gatekeepers of information have too much control over what we can and can't see. Companies like Facebook, YouTube and Apple are too tough on queer and sexy content, and when they choose to censor, it's hard to appeal their decisions.
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[b]Wow[/b]... Thanks Nico,
[b]Wow[/b]... Thanks Nico, Jia and femme for providing sanity. I guess the asshats are successful in one regard: illustrating have much hate and fear transfolk face.

Happy healing, Dominic!
Wow talk about opening your
Wow talk about opening your mouth and inserting both feet.
James have you ever heard the saying better to let others think you are stupid then to open your mouth and remove all doubt?
James, Dominic is a man who was born with transexuality. That means he has to fix things that you take for granted, such as his chest. Unfortunately for him his body has created breasts and so as is the case with other men dealing with the same situation, he must undergo medical procedures to remove that tissue and then reconstruct his chest.
So no you dummy he is not trying to be female, cause he isn't female any more then you are.

As for the other phobe who wrote, clearly you don't need to check his youtube page out, but others do and have. Those that have and do get information that they need and can get answers to questions they need answers to.
James, very few American
James, very few American jurisdictions still have laws prohibiting female topless nudity while allowing male. Such a law would be sexist and unequal.
James, you seem stunningly
James, you seem stunningly unclear on these matters, so here's an explanation.

Dominic is a trans man, not a trans woman, and since he is a man, it's just as legal for him to display his chest as it is for you to display yours. Ironically, you got his pronouns right, but only because you thought his transition was going the other way. For the record, it is never appropriate to refer to trans men as women/by female pronouns, nor is it ever appropriate to refer to trans women as men/by male pronouns (as you thought you were doing).
his video should not be
his video should not be allowed. if trans men want to have the same rights and treatment as women, they should be allowed to be showing off their breasts. they cant ask to be women and then tell youtube and facebook that they're being transphobic by taking down the content. technically since he is/isgoingtobe a woman, they are breasts and it is considered nudity.
Wow, transphobia in comments
Wow, transphobia in comments on an Xtra article... I'm SHOCKED. What I'm hearing here is that "trans people need to learn their place and STFU when ignorant and/or transphobic cis people want to treat them badly, because asking for such crumbs as simple tolerance is being pushy, uppity and 'narcissistic'. And respect? Forget it; that's only for people who don't clash with my stunning lack of education."

Real classy, that. Dominic's doing valuable work in putting his transition out there to show other trans men what it's been like and he's being shat upon for helping members of his community. I'll be doing everything I can to support him in his efforts.
i think it's good he is
i think it's good he is sharing his experience so that other trans-men will understand the procedure, the healing time, and what to expect visually and physically during the healing process..
Who the fuck cares???
Who the fuck cares??? Seriously does this guy have to tell the whole freaken world about his damned surgery? So what if Youtube got rid of the video? It's just some trans guy posting a video that nobody should really care about. This guy needs to drop the narcism!! Yo Scaia, you and your struggle are not important enough for anyone to give a shit about so quit forcing youtube and facebook to accommodate you!! You might be trans but really, you are nothing more than a self-indulgent narcissist that for some weird reason feels that the world needs to accept you, because you're "special" Grow up!!!
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