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Voting with our feet

Latest News Roundup

Voting with our feet

BY ROB SALERNO - Queers concerned with the rights of our brothers and sisters overseas may have hit on a useful new strategy: tourism. 

It seems every week there's a new story about the hot new gay destination or the new country that's chasing after the pink dollar.

But this week brought news that Greece, long a gay tourism mecca for its iconic resort islands of Mykonos and Lesbos, is falling out of favour with gay tourists. Bloomberg reports that the drop-off has to do with tourists' discomfort with homophobia in Greece, and a renewed curiosity about destinations in Latin America, where gays and lesbians are starting to enjoy unprecedented advances in rights. 

It appears that the Greek government is catching on, as the same report indicates that the country is considering passing same-sex civil union laws in order to bring some good news back to the country, which has spent the last year under scrutiny for its mounting debt woes. It's also a conscious attempt to differentiate the country from neighbouring Turkey, with whom Greece has a longstanding rivalry. Turkey is even further away from recognizing or protecting queer people than Greece is. 

While it would be great to have countries coming to the international queer community for advice on how to make us love them more, it's unclear if this case can be positively associated with other countries. Boycott campaigns may not work where the countries don't actually want queers to visit  and may just serve to further impoverish the poorest of people (see Jamaica).

Greece had already become used to an international queer presence, and our absence is what's making them call us back. As they say, you don't know what you've got till it's gone.

It may be that tourism can be a vital weapon for the advancement of gay rights only in places where a solid foundation of rights already exists.

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''Turkey is even further away
''Turkey is even further away from recognizing or protecting queer people than Greece is.''

I don't think this quote is true, There will be a new constitution founded in Turkey where LGBT rights are included.
Another thing that i want to point out is that the media constantly says that Turkey is a cruel place for lgbt people. Well, let's face it, it's not heaven. But cities like Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum and Istanbul have a great night life for LGBT people as well. + The LGBT Pride parade in Istanbul is ''huge'' compared to the Athens pride.
Most left-wing LGBT community
Most left-wing LGBT community leaders in Toronto (including Xtra, The 519, Egale, MCC, PWA Foundation, etc) support QuAIA's efforts against gay-friendly Israel and in favour of Israel's homophobic Muslim enemies. I doubt they'd support a gay tourism campaign in favour of Greece (even if they adopted same-sex civil unions) instead of Muslims in Turkey.
It is a shame to think of all
It is a shame to think of all the wonderful surrogates around the world. It maybe makes sense that one from Jamaica as noted in this article is the exception to the rule. Only in Canada would a Jamaican surrogate like D.D be potentially guilty of Criminal behaviour during a Charter Challenge Prima Fascie case like FL01-11127 D.W.H vs D.J.R & D.D. If found guilty not only would she be sued but may face JAIL time for being paid off for her "services". Even if she DID have a criminal record in her Past one might think that a run in with the LAW may curb any future behaviour, sadly some people never learn and are simply malevolent beings NOT worthy of any pleas which may result from "I was simply following the law" and "taking full advantage of my birth rights" even though its proven I was an INTENDED surrogate for another Gay Male Parent set. Money and Power corrupt absolutely. Time will tell...Google "gay custody battle could", or "gay dad challenges family law act" for a glimpse of her crimes and evidence thereof." FL01-11127 will forward Gay Family Equality Rights in spite of her illegal actions. The TRUTH shall set thee free so to speak, justice is slow but will come D.D. believe me, a rude awakening as promised IS happening however slow you Child Abuser. YOU are almost caught. Fitnessexecdwh on twitter has more details and you might want to check history re: gay surrogacy also investigate Dax Hart Facebook profile for disclosure. Twitter account will be updated first so follow along for Gay Family Rights Equality evolution that will set an example for THE GLOBAL community. ps. STOP blowing kisses at me and waving at me trying to get a photo...Your prepaid lawyer McCann has been sent a warning of preparation for RESTRAINING ORDER...We know you are on a sinking ship and looking for ways to "distract and demonize MY behaviour AGAIN". You seem as clever and malicious as you are CRIMINAL. Candy would be wise to think about HER son Baby N and throw you both under the bus for HIS best interests. You've done enough you continue to amaze this well educated white gay male who is hiv poz and self representing in FL01-01406 & Charter Challenge FL01-11127 ps. ENJOY back to school shopping on DJR's account, and if you hope he'll pay for YOUR criminal lawyer then you better get THAT in writing as we both know HIS ethics and credibility as well as the courts do.Kisses back.
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