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UK Muslim organization condemns UN's 'sexual orientation' amendment

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UK Muslim organization condemns UN's 'sexual orientation' amendment

The Association of British Muslims has issued a strong denunciation of an amendment removing "sexual orientation" from a United Nations (UN) resolution on extrajudicial executions:

Removing this clause at this time will send quite the wrong signal to those regimes that indulge in these barbaric practices, implying as it does that United Nations is no longer concerned at the maltreatment of people because of their sexual orientation or considers it to be a lesser matter.

The release by the UK's oldest organization of British Muslims follows similar condemnations by international human rights organizations IGLHRC (International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission) and ARC International.

MPs Bob Rae and Paul Dewar talked to Xtra's Dale Smith recently about the controversial amendment.

Calls for comment from both the Canadian Islamic Congress and Council on American-Islamic Relations CANADA (CAIR-CAN) have not yet been returned.

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So much persecution of gays
So much persecution of gays coming from the Muslim world, and this is the story you publish? What the hell?? What does this have to do with the Muslimn world as a whole? Or even Muslims in Canada? Xtra, give it a rest.
It's really sad... here we
It's really sad... here we have an example of an Islamic organization taking a bold step and standing up for what is right on gay rights, and you guys just seem angry about it. I for one am glad and support the Association for British Muslims for doing the right thing, and would encourage them to continue this policy in the future (though hopefully including gender identity as well, though that hasn't specifically come up in this context). You guys can't think of anything positive to say about this development??
and Zero Muslim Organizations
and Zero Muslim Organizations in Canada are not? or is the QuAIA newspaper not going to talk about their homophobia
and Islamic nations still
and Islamic nations still voted in favor
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