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Two lesbian youth found dead in Orangeville

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Two lesbian youth found dead in Orangeville

The bodies of girlfriends Jeanine Blanchette, 21, and Chantal Dube, 17, were found in a wooded area in Orangeville on Saturday. 

After ruling out foul play and a connection to a high-profile murder in September, police are investigating the possibility of a double suicide, reports CTV (watch the video for more details).

The Toronto Star has more:

The tragic story began on Tuesday [Sept 28] when two friends received "goodbye" phone calls from Jeanine and Chantal and reported them to police. The young women also left behind goodbye letters to family members.

Jeanine’s mother, Ellen Blanchette, said the police responded quickly that day, but then didn’t take their concerns seriously as the week progressed. Instead, Ellen said, Orangeville police and OPP seemed to think the young women had run away.

On Sept 29, Jeanine's mother drove to her daughter's apartment, where she found receipts for hundreds of antipsychotic pills, reports the Star.

Discussion about queer youth suicide has swelled in recent weeks, in the wake of six reported cases in the United States. Determined to reach out, columnist Dan Savage has created a viral video campaign to let queer youth know that it gets better.

Vigils are planned across Canada this month, for lives lost due to homophobic bullying:

Toronto - Oct 6, 8pm - Church & Wellesley

Kingston - Oct 6, 8pm - JDUC, University & Union

Montreal - Oct 6, 8pm - Parc de l'Espoir, Beaudry Metro

Ajax - Oct 20, 6:30pm - Heritage Square, Ajax Town Hall

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I'm very saddened by the loss
I'm very saddened by the loss of the two young women. Homophobia is so extensive not just in our culture, but in the world. I feel urban queers tend to think it's "pretty safe to be queer," when in reality, the vast majority of countries in our world have laws on the books for either long term imprisonment for acknowledged queers, many even handing out death sentences for same. We must support our supports, of any sexuality, and be open role models for queer youth. I immigrated here from the United States this year, and as far as I am concerned, most any state, province, country, etc in rural areas would happily turn a blind eye to "a Matthew Shepherd" murder/beating. Being aware of our surroundings is vital for all of us, and taking nothing for granted. Again, I'm terribly saddened at the recent loss through suicide of young queers.


-Relax mind and body
- Develop skills to cope with depression and anxiety
- Deal with stressful situations in new ways
- Learn how to care for yourself - Increase calmness, awareness and
-Sociallize with other queer and trans youth

CHILL OUT! is a seven-week group using visualization, writing, movement
and meditation practices to help cope with anxiety and depression. We
welcome LGBTQ youth (25 and under) to come and enjoy the benefits of
relaxation, and of bringing mindfulness and calmness to dealing with
stressful situations, thoughts and feelings, and to just chill out!
Snacks and TTC tokens provided.

Mondays: 4:30-6:30pm
Oct 18-Nov 29, 2010

Central Toronto Youth Services
65 Wellesley St. East (corner of Church & Wellesley)

For more info contact kathleen.oconnell@ctys.org

To set up a pre-registration meeting contact Cori at 416-924-2100

Space is limitted!
@AnnaI'm not fetishing
I'm not fetishing anything in fact if you've really read what I have written you'd see that I never said they ended their life because of bulling at school.

I also said I believed as was said before me that things are never one issue alone but usually we see the last straw.
And I even mentioned the many new, controlled and seemingly easy to get, medications found.

I did say that if, and I know it does, bulling is happening in schools then we, as a society, are responsible for telling those in power what we need to help this end. And what we(society) need to help support those students.

Try reading everything, with out a presumed idea of what one is saying, before opening up and showing ignorance.

Oh and to be honest, just because family says it isn't the reason, doesn't mean they would have known. Especially if they were not out to their family.

Not sure if you have kids but if you do, can you really honestly say they tell you everything that is going on, hurtful or other wise, in their life. Cause I can say I know I never did and I know I learned a great deal after the fact from my tow kids.

Again not saying I know why they ended their life, only that they did, which is sad no matter the reason.
Whatever the case I just wish
Whatever the case I just wish people would always pause and think about how precious life is. I lost a friend growing up to suicide, and it was not easy. Hopefully these friends and families can cope.
We are not telling those in
We are not telling those in power the things we want/need and how to help make life better for our present and future students.

Oh boo hoo. Stop fetishizing them already. The family said sexuality wasn't the issue. There were mental health problems, and anti-psychotic medications. Before turning this into an issue of big bad society/uncaring government, do your fucking homework.

The fuzzy thinking on here is sickening.
Someone blathers: *i* can't
Someone blathers: *i* can't believe that anyone reading this article, on this web site can honestly say "their sexuality is irrelevant to the story." How amazingly blind and thoughtless can you be? My condolences to those who loved them.

That's what the family of Jeannine said. Presumably they know her better than you do.
There seems to be a lot of
There seems to be a lot of assumption happening here. How much could school bullying have to do with it, when one of the 'girls' was 21? I stand corrected if someone can present some evidence of this. The conclusion jumping and assumptions going on here are really quite ahead of the information presented. There are all kinds of sources of fatal stress in our lives; sexuality/orientation can be one of those, but it isn't the only one.
After reading the response to
After reading the response to what I and others have said I feel I need to further put my point forward.

As a past, lucky,survivor of several attempts myself I understand how alone one can feel. How black the future can look.(that's one reason to me the Savage campaign fails by telling people it will get better)A person in a suicidal position can't see that themselves and someone telling them it will without actually working through whatever the issues are will just be ignored. Nice idea but it fails.

My point on that this should be about more then their sexuality is just that.

We supposedly have anti bullying laws in place for schools(regardless of why the bullying) so where are they? Why do youth still feel they must suffer quietly through this, and why do others continue to think they can bully others with impunity?

Also the article mentioned that these two youth purchased a bunch of controlled medications. Why was this so easy to do?

As another mom pointed out, when one gets to the point of taking/attempting to, their life they have gone through several instances of issues in their life where finally they have had enough. Can not take it anymore. They see only one way to get away from all the pain.

Our schools need more supports built into them, much like the school nurse program which we in Ontario haven't seen in our schools for more years then I can remember now.

Our school counselors need better training and should be taking a better active role in the lives of students.(yes hard to do based on how many each student load they have. (which means we need more of them in schools not less)
We need to start saying to politicians that our students do matter and that we need to look at how to spend better to give them more. Not less.

If we only get angry because two gay students, or one or three killed themselves we are short sighting everything.

We are not telling those in power the things we want/need and how to help make life better for our present and future students.

So yes for sure mourn the loss of wonderful lives, celebrate who they where. But lets go further then that and change how all students experience schools.

The anti bullying laws were suppose to be zero tolerances, so educate all students that this is how it is and follow through with it.

My own daughter went through that hell when my ex took her life in July of 06. She had to live through the nasty comments about her mom and their snarky comments which blamed my child for this.

Because others can be nasty, and hurtful to another regardless of someone being gay or not. Even today some odd person will say something to hurt her.

One more thing. I second the comment from the mom who said, if someone knows for sure of bulling instances against Jeanine and Chantal then you need to do something about that. Same when we see someone, anywhere, being bullied (for whatever reason) we all need to speak up. Or we're not much better then the bullies.
America needs to change its
America needs to change its motto

From one nation under God, to One Nation under Law.

And toss all our own taliban out with a parachute and their bibles over Afghanistan.

As a peace offering to the taliban and Bin Laden. They will help us solve the problem.

As someoe said long ago - politics makes alll kinds fo strange bedfellows. And if the taliban have a little sex fun with these creeps, so much the better. It would be a hit on Broadway in NYC
YOu can thank the RATZI pope
YOu can thank the RATZI pope for this kind of thing. And the talibangelicals - teh anything but christian christians who also gave the USA slavery, the KKK, ad segregation.

Its time for everyone to come out of the closet, period. And everyone to embrace them.

and to use your hate crimes laws to go abduct the RATZI Pope etc, drag him to the hague, and try him for crimes against part of humanity.

The catholic church - of hitler still not excommunicated.

The church of Bishop Williamson, who RATZI unexcommunicated in 2009. An unspeakage monster who said that there was no holocaust of Jesus own people, teh Jews, in Germany.

The church which showed its male dominance by burning women at the stake for hundreds of years.

the church that combined with corrupt catholic kings to give the world a thousand year dark ages and within that period, the crusades when 40-50 million arab people were murdered, no wonder they have thier own nut cases.

And the Catholic church of the Molestation. which hid their crimes against children for decades if not centuries.

Because their lust for money and power is the source of all evil.


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