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Trans girl wonders why Obama didn't mention people like her

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Trans girl wonders why Obama didn't mention people like her

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI — The Huffington Post reports that an 11-year-old transgender girl was proud of Barack Obama's inclusion of the gay community in his Jan 21 inauguration speech but wondered why he didn't specifically address the transgender community. The girl has written a letter in response.

The Post quotes her mother, Sage, as saying that Sadie, now in fifth grade, wondered why the transgender community wasn't included.

"The world would be a better place if everyone had the right to be themselves, including people who have a creative gender identity and expression," Sadie writes in her letter, entitled "Sadie's Dream for the World."

"Transgender kids like me are not allowed to go to most schools because the teachers think we are different from everyone else," she continues. "The schools get afraid of how they will talk with the other kids' parents, and transgender kids are kept secret or told not to come there anymore. Kids are told not to be friends with transgender kids, which makes us very lonely and sad."

Sadie says it would be "a better world if everyone knew that transgender people have the same hopes and dreams as everyone else."

The full text of Sadie's letter is published on TransGriot.

The Post notes that Sadie, who "socially transitioned from male to female in kindergarten," listens to Lady Gaga, Pink and Justin Bieber and wants to work for Greenpeace.

Sadie's mother told The Huffington Post that while her daughter has faced discrimination, "she isn't shy or ashamed of who she is."

"When she chats with people, she introduces herself as, 'Hi, I'm Sadie, my favorite color is pink, I'm vegan, and I'm transgender. Who are you?'" her mother said in the report.

Landing image: Huffington Post (photo from Sadie's family)

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Wow. What a cliche. Ya got
Wow. What a cliche. Ya got anything better than smug supercilious pearl clutching. Oh a transchild was goaded to trash gays and lesbians and some gays and lesbians called Fuck You and you go all church mouse in the high seat. Fuck you with your bullshit responses and say something useful like how to separate trans from gay/lesbian as soon as possible.
Wow. The transphobia in the
Wow. The transphobia in the this thread is appalling.
If every minority is fighting
If every minority is fighting for each other, then why did the trans child not scold the President for not mentioning trans people while talking about blacks or Hispanics or native people all of whom must have trans members. Why select the one group of gays for targeting of shame and blame and not the other minorities who trans people are equally fighting for. Trans Griot a radical gay hating trans mission spread the trans child story turning it from a Virginia Santa Claus child letter into an anti gay rage mission with more trans piling on to kick down the gays yet again. Disgusting! Parasite your other minorities and leave gays and lesbians alone!
I did not tell anyone what to
I did not tell anyone what to think -- I stated my viewpoint just the same as you. If you can provide a source for the statement that a homophobic trans group prompted Sadie to write this letter, I would be glad to read it.

Also, if you can lay out a cogent argument for why every minority group needs to fight human rights issues on their own, I would be happy to entertain that as .
Thank you Kris and Jewell for
Thank you Kris and Jewell for telling gay men and lesbians what we are supposed to think and feel about this issue. You told us. The brat was egged on by a network of trans activists who hate gays and lesbians yet cling on to any increments we make and demand they be included. Well you were not this time. Tough. Do you own damn legwork and stop using crippled children as scams like beggars to get attention. LBGT is a LIE. Separate the T from GL is the only way to end this parasitism and attacks.
+1 on Jewels' comments,
+1 on Jewels' comments, although I think some comments were directed at the Huffington Post video.

There is both a need for groups to be lumped together and to be treated separately.

I think the letter was quite reasonable. The existence of 'gay' rights is based off the fact that homosexuals have been singled-out and marginalized in society and in law. It isn't a fight for special rights for homosexuals, but rather a fight to make sure that human rights are properly extended to include homosexuals. Once that happens, the term 'gay rights' becomes synonymous with 'human rights'. In that light, the fight for trans rights is the very same basic fight for human rights. The challenge that both groups face is that the major barrier to securing those rights is the same: concepts of normal sexuality and sexual morality are being leveraged as excuses to deny those human rights. In that light, it makes sense that LGBTTQQ2S ([i]etc. ad nauseum[/i]) are one big gooey mess of 'Let us be ourselves without discrimination'.

I have a Y chromosome, yet I advocate for women's rights. I am twenty-nine, yet I advocate for children's rights. I am white, yet I advocate for the rights of ethnic minorities (and so on). Why? Because (and I know I am repeating myself) it is all essentially the same issue that all people are innately equally deserving of human consideration.

Yet distinct groups do face distinct challenges both in terms of rights issue, understanding and acceptance, and visibility. Sadie wasn't piggybacking LGB issues; she was making a case for everyone to have the freedom to be themselves while drawing attention to trans people who are severely marginalized in the United States. What of drawing a little attention? Raising the profile of the issue a little? The discrimination she mentions is legit. Mentioning gay brothers and sisters does not necessarily imply trans people as well, so wanting tans people explicitly mentioned is understandable. Was there room in the speech for other discriminated against groups to get a shout out? Obama mentioned God five times, and God isn't even an American citizen. Cut out a few of those 'Gods' and suddenly there's room.

Ah, I'm ranting for too long. No one's gonna read this. The gist: no one called down gay rights; people just want to make sure trans rights don't get left in the dust in the broader human and sexual rights debates. Speaking up is a necessary step in that direction and there is no reason Sadie or Huffington Post commentators shouldn't have done so.
Seriously people? You are
Seriously people? You are saying this letter is hateful to LGB issues? Wow that just makes me so sad. We are talking about an 11 year old who wrote a letter saying she thinks trans people should be mentioned and that it would be a better world if people were all accepted including trans people. She is not attacking or hating gay people. Every trans person I know was happy that Obama mentioned stonewall, it was a big deal. Is it really so wrong in your eyes that at the same time though they also felt it would have been nice to have him mention trans people as well? That is all the girl said, so please stop using a nice letter written by a child to talk about your hate and desire to be separated from trans communities.
Using this child as a tool of
Using this child as a tool of pathos is vile. Hating the success of a supposedly allied group (G having been saddled with T) is disgusting. Being so mean about it all is hopefully enough to wake up gays and lesbians to cut all links with trans once and for all. What a nasty sickening Jerry Springer level story.
I give her a pass because she
I give her a pass because she is a young girl. But the truth is that the adult transgender activists hold gay people in contempt. They see us as something to be used. And it annoys them greatly whenever gays and gay issues get addressed without being bundled with transgender. We are their meal ticket and they will not have us thinking of ourselves as a discrete group with a right of self-determination.

The best thing the LGB community could do is have an amicable separation from T. The LGBT concept is bogus and never should have been created in the first place.
She sounds like an up-and
She sounds like an up-and-coming victim/whiner. It was one of the more engaging and inclusive speeches ever given by a president. Is he actually meant to enumerate each and every tribe and sub-tribe? He didn't mention people with cancer or one-legged Vietnamese lesbians either. I'm not really feeling like I need to listen to fault-finding twelve year-olds, especially Justin Bieber fans.
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