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Which Toronto mayoral candidates were at the AIDS Walk?

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Which Toronto mayoral candidates were at the AIDS Walk?

Toronto mayoral candidates George Smitherman, Joe Pantalone and Rocco Rossi had teams at Sunday's AIDS Walk.

The walk is the biggest annual fundraiser for the AIDS Committee of Toronto. Organizers aimed to raise $330,000 this year. Find out more at aidswalktoronto.ca.

(image by Le-Ann Dolan, via ACT - check out more pics on ACT's Facebook page

According to their tweets, Sarah Thomson and Rob Ford's campaign teams were at the Ukrainian festival in Bloor West Village.

In 2006, Ford opposed funding for AIDS service organizations in Toronto on the basis that "If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn't get AIDS probably."

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I saw George there! That's
I saw George there! That's one thing you missed in this report. He didn't just have a team but he was there in flesh! :))

And guess what, your news photo is nothing but normal rally/protest/march photo. You should learn from this blog which I stumbled upon while googling:

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