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Latest News Roundup


The Globe and Mail reports on the hit Marseilles soap opera that recently featured the first gay kiss on French TVThe first?  Even the Americans did it over a decade ago and the French invented kissing!

Commentators on YouTube are arguing over whether this anti-condom rant from "Jesusophile" is real or a joke.  I just say it's unfunny either way:

Conservative newshound Matt Drudge made Out magazine's "Gay Power 50" list!  Only problem is, he doesn't want to be on it -- claiming he does not love sex with men, Chaka Khan or "The Young and The Restless."  Forget about gay -- someone check to see if he's human.

Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstalwas asked to help block the decision to allow gay marriage in that state.  Here's what he said:

Now there's a heartland guy!  He and Nathan Manske are my quiet heroes this week -- Manske created the terrific website I'm From Driftwood because, he says:

"There are gay stories from every corner of the Earth and I think they should be told."

Amen, brother.  Just don't tell Matt Drudge's!


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