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Very Very Serious Friday

Latest News Roundup

Very Very Serious Friday

Normally we're all about the jokes here on the Roundup but even funnyman David Letterman is very, very serious today, following his jawdropping "little story" last night:

Meanwhile, two of our favourite writers have gone deep and dark -- Shawn Syms exhaustively covers the criminalization of HIV while Paul Gallant examines the poor state of gay activism in a recent piece for This magazine.  We're near, we're queer...whatever.

Down south again, the right-wing drive to overthrow the US government is picking up steam, according to this caller on Michaelangelo Signorile's radio show:

While creepy, this whole movement is still ridiculous considering that "socialist" Barack Obama is proving to be George W. Bush's biggest fan.

Good grief, more depressing news:  Lady Gaga and Kanye West were going to tour together but poor sales have cancelled it all (I smell a Taylor Swift plot!): 

This was surprising news:  Lady Gaga and Kanye West were going to tour together?

 And finally, worst of all, CALIFORNIA HAS FALLEN INTO THE SEA:

Yeah, it's just a big clip from the upcoming absolutely-fucking-ridiculous disaster movie 2012.  I couldn't maintain such seriousness forever, you understand.  Have a great weekend!

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Hey Gordon - check back on
Hey Gordon - check back on Xtra.ca next week. On Monday, we're launching a new section, and we'll be covering more queer news from Canada, the US and the world. Stay tuned!
Hi Scott,Lots of continuing
Hi Scott,Lots of continuing coverage of the US, can you please cover interesting stories from the rest of the world. Check out tetu.com for example. Most interesting thing in Europe this week was that Germany now has an out Deputy Chancellor and Foreign Minister: Guido Westerwelle. Germany therefore now has a woman at the helm and an out gay man in position number 2. Please less about the US and more about the rest of the world.
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