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Rays of light

Latest News Roundup

Rays of light

Still in Margate.  Not my first choice to spend a day but the plan is to decompress a little before the Chunnel to Paris this weekend.  In the meantime, there's been some happy developments across the pond:

The insane Fred Phelps clan went to picket the University of Chicago and didn't quite get the reaction they expected:

I knew there was a reason I love frat boys!  Incidents like this, explains Christian writer Michael Spencer, is why he sees the Evangelical movement collapsing within the next decade.  One can only hope!  I really enjoyed this insightful comment from the Beliefnet blog:

"I'm utterly dismayed by the number of people who have adopted the label "Christian" for its tribal association, and not for any spiritual succor beyond belonging to a power structure."

And the scales shall fall from their eyes!  Speaking of eyes, here's the UK magazine I will definitely be searching for at the WH Smith in the rail station:

Gethin Jones AND the Pet Shop Boys?  Somebody in England loves me!  Let's hope the French feel the same way...

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