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Queerty to defence of glitter-bombed Savage

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Queerty to defence of glitter-bombed Savage

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI - An Xtra Vancouver report about a glitter shower Dan Savage received at the hands of queer activists inspired a spirited Queerty response.

The Jan 21 "serenade," the third sparkly salvo with which the sex columnist and It Gets Better co-creator has been targeted, was the work of a group calling itself the Homomilitia.

Speaking with Xtra after the glitter bombing, activist Fister Limp Wrist accused Savage of "ableist, racist, transphobic, fat-phobic, sero-phobic and rape-apologist attitudes and views." Activists handed audience members bright pink pamphlets outlining their accusations as they entered the Vogue Theatre in downtown Vancouver.

Among the accusations listed: Savage has "repeatedly placed blame on Black and Latino communities for the success of homophobic legislation"; he has "repeatedly made derogatory and pathologizing remarks about fat people"; described HIV-positive people who have unprotected sex with HIV-negative people as "deadbeat infectors"; and he is part of a "broader trend of privileged cis-gendered gays who routinely ignore trans issues and transphobia."

But Queerty editor Dan Avery says Savage is not "anything-phobic," even as he's not a fan of Savage's anti-Santorum shtick or his attempts to get Family Research Council's Gary Bauer sick by licking doorknobs.

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HURRAY FOR SAVAGE. “described HIV-positive people who have unprotected sex with HIV-negative people as 'deadbeat infectors'” HURRAY FOR SAVAGE. Somebody has to bring light to this topic. 65-percent of new HIV infections happen in the LGBT Communities. The most probable route of HIV infection is through unprotected anal sex. One can get HIV only from someone who has HIV. So HIV+POZ having unprotected bareback anal sex with someone HIV-NEG is just immoral, akin to aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon. For get 'deadbeat;' they should be jailed.
KUDOS to Natasha for
KUDOS to Natasha for practicing responsible journalism!


+ hugs,
- bonzie anne
Indeed - even if the facts
Indeed - even if the facts are disproven - you are whatever comports with my prejudice. Sweet. FYI - We're also radical fairies, members of P2 & part of the lizardoid invasion from alpha centuri.

Cower in fear before our mighty multiplicity. We are Gosher the destructor - choose the form of our manifestation.
According to their pamplet,
According to their pamplet, HomoMilitia is a radical queer group -- radical queers = trans people in today's world. The Dan attacks were queer (trans) copycats of the trans attacks. So do not be too hasty to pretend there was no connection. Maybe you need to check your trans politics -- you are radical queer if you are trans whether you want to be or not. Kind of like gay men and lesbians are forced to be LBGT whether we want to be or not. Now you know how forced inclusion in a group against your beliefs feels.
Thank you Natasha.I'd like to
Thank you Natasha.

I'd like to echo the sentiments of others here; the purposeful misrepresentation of this papers'l story needs a corrective action. Who better than those who actually had their reportage misrepresented to begin that process? At the very least to make clear that the mistake you made (and addressed in a responsible manner) was indeed a mistake others could have avoided had they actually read the story, or corrected when commenters on their stories pointed out the mistake to them.

An examination of the vitriol those follow up stories released & which some of those authors supported - vitriol towards a community of people - really needs to be done. And - it's not trans people who have the responsibilty for initiating that review.

I would say that it was funny how the lack of professional standards, encouragement of bigotry and scapegoating appeared on this side of our border; but we all know that's just to be expected. Apologies for having to ask you to help clean up a mess that could have been avoided were people here as responsible in responding to their readers as you.
Hi Natasha, thank you for
Hi Natasha, thank you for acknowledging an honest mistake and making the correction. Further than that, I can only echo Kat's sentiments. Given the amount of vitriol going around right now over this, certainly it seems worth it to clear the air and get the facts straight, especially if no one else is willing to do it.
Natasha, I would like to
Natasha, I would like to thank you for being - apparently - the first journalist/blogger to acknowledge that the glitterbombers in question were not trans and then not subsequently claim that it is nevertheless okay to continue to claim that they were trans based on general (lack of) principle. I'd like to invite you and/or someone else with Xtra to do a feature on (1) the degree to which the American gay blogs Bilerico, Joe.My.God, Towleroad and AmericaBlog eagerly created a trans element to the event that was not present in the original Xtra piece and (2) the degree to which John Aravosis of AmericaBlog is justifying his initial false characterization (in the comments at: http://gay.americablog.com/2012/01/how-gays-defined-santorum.html ).
Hi Savannah, You're right.
Hi Savannah, You're right. Thank you for pointing out my error. I double checked with the original reporter on the story and the activists were apparently queer, not specifically trans, though they highlighted Savage's alleged transphobia among their concerns. I've corrected the blog accordingly.
Hi Natasha, thank you for
Hi Natasha, thank you for repeating the (apparently false) claim that this action was perpetrated by trans activists. It's nice to know that we can be blamed for anything, even shit we don't do.
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