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Pride Toronto asks, "Should we wait?"

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Pride Toronto asks, "Should we wait?"

Pride Toronto (PT) wants queers to weigh in on whether to postpone the AGM until after its community consultations are completed.

In June, PT agreed to begin a community consultation process -- with the help of Metropolitan Community Church pastor Brent Hawkes and others -- in order to get a sense of queer and trans priorities for the festival. It was also designed to help heal the rift caused by PT's decision to ban the group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, a decision that threatened to derail festivities until it was retracted at the 11th hour.

Some have argued (including me) that the community consultations could represent a dodge on accountability at the AGM, with PT leaders directing concerns to the consultation committee, rather than dealing with them directly.

On Sept 10, Pride Toronto posted the following note on its Facebook page:

Having read the latest Xtra editorial, which states: "Meanwhile, after hearing loud and clear that the AGM should be postponed until the consultations are finished, PT turned a deaf ear," Pride Toronto would like to know if the community would prefer it to postpone the AGM to a later date, after the results from the consultations are received. Kindly respond via this forum or by emailing office@pridetoronto.com. 

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I think the sooner we get
I think the sooner we get this AGM over, the better.
Postpone?The latest they can
The latest they can legally postpone the AGM is until Dec 2010 (15 mos after the last AGM) RE: PT Bylaws #11.

More importantly, the budget for this next year needs to be approved PRIOR to their planning cycle (Re; Corporations Act particularly #'s 95-133 ...
In order to exercise appropriate fiduciary responsibility, PT's BoD should hold PART ONE of the 2010 AGM as planned on September 23rd. They can hold Part Two (elections and whatnot) after community consultations or whenever they feel "ready" ...
But I think the AGM should happen as planned. At the very least, the Auditor's report needs to presented and the 2010 financial statements examined.
Why delay? These should already be ready since they scheduled the AGM date a month ago. Considering the Exec Dir comments re: financial loss this year and needing to deliver a "scaled down 2011 Pride", I would think the sooner we deal with the $$ situation, the better!
Of course the AGM should be
Of course the AGM should be postponed. I am surprised Pride has to ask. I am not so sure it will make a difference as Pride had the monumental arrogance to fill an opening on the board just weeks before the original scheduled meeting. If the current board of PT wants to have meaningful input from this community it will do two things. First, it should ask Mr. Simon to stand for election to the board at the AGM. Secondly they will wait until they have input from the consultations. This question is not one that is particularly tasking. Both sides, as well as all of the many people who didn't have a side, deserve to hear what Hawkes, Elliot and Lawless come up with. Doing things in reverse order only sends the message that PT doesn't much care about that input. I think that waiting for that input would signal that PT does care and will view what this group comes up with as genuine input rather than well intentioned suggestions the board is free to ignore. Does PT really want input? Let's see.
Clearly the consultations are
Clearly the consultations are a token gesture unless the results are a consideration in charting the way forward at the AGM. That said, the postponement should not be interpreted by the current board and staff as an opportunity and an excuse for more questionable"appointments" to the board. Enough of the facile and insulting community manipulations!
It's time Xtra hired some
It's time Xtra hired some professional investigated Journalists, instead of publishing all these Pride Toronto, titillating sound bites and get to the heart of matter.
""in order to get a sense of
""in order to get a sense of queer and trans priorities""

"Queer and Trans"
Sort of the same umbrella, like saying, everyone and all, in my opinion.
That said of course PT should listen to the community and learn what they want, since it's suppose to be an event that is about them.
Mind you they also shouldn't be just placing people in positions, but rather only allowing voting to get that person in.
Ha.Given the deep-seated
Given the deep-seated hatred for Xtra over at Pride TOronto HQ I'd say that if they've turned to quoting Xtra editorials they're not being completely honest and we should all be skeptical. They just appointed another Director weeks before the AGM and if they truly gave a toss about the Community Consultations that wouldn't have happened. Has anyone asked Hawkes what he thinks about the Simon appointment?
if they postpone the AGM,
if they postpone the AGM, then they should remove Chad Simon from the Board and let him run like everyone else at the AGM. If not, then it makes no sense to postpone the AGM because now it seems like they're running from their responsibilities and not really listening to the community. I think the sooner we get this AGM over, the better.
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