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One old queen hangs another

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One old queen hangs another

BY ROB SALERNO - Foreign affairs minister and noted pussy lover John Baird is at the centre of the latest non-issue dust-up from Ottawa, where he ordered staff at the Department of Foreign Affairs to ditch a pair of paintings by revered Quebec artist Alfred Pellan in favour of a photo portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Critics say the paintings are masterpieces that speak to the Canadian identity more than a portrait of a foreign monarch.

The paintings were replaced with the photo just ahead of the recent visit to Ottawa from Prince William and his wife Kate (or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, if you must) and in celebration of Queen Liz's upcoming diamond jubilee next year.

Baird is both a monarchist and a lover of pug-faced British ladies. He's also an obvious appreciator of giggle-worthy double-entendre-laden headline grabbers, so I'm sure he's having a good laugh with this one. Although to be honest, when I saw the headline "John Baird Orders Quebec Paintings Replaced by Queen's Portrait" I assumed the Huffington Post meant an image of himself.

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@Henry69 : you are nothing
@Henry69 : you are nothing but a ugly and disgusting white supremacist...period !!! shame on you !
i hate this government. i
i hate this government. i hate frog stuff in my country even more. if there is any more frog garbage on the hill, burn it !
She's not foreign. By the law
She's not foreign. By the law and the constituion she is a Canadian. Republics are an assignee way to run a country.
It's about time we had some
It's about time we had some symbols of our history displayed. This is what makes us different from the USA and I've known many Queens who have worked for The Queen and they have all had nothing but good things to say about the royals. John Baird is another story!
She may be a "foreign monarch
She may be a "foreign monarch" but legally, she is our Head of State, our Queen and our Sovereign. So until Canada chooses to become a republic, I see no problem in hanging a portrait, albeit a ridiculously massive portrait, of Her Majesty in the entrance of the Pearson Building. I also never really noticed Pellan's work when they were hanging there. It was nothing more than "wall art" to me. Now that I know the importance of these paintings, I look forward to really looking at them in detail when they decide to hang the paintings in public.
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