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It's official: showdown at city hall over Pride funding

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It's official: showdown at city hall over Pride funding

After Giorgio Mammoliti made headlines by threatening to remove City of Toronto funding from Pride Toronto, he has introduced a motion to that affect. It reads, in part:

The City of Toronto's 2010 funding and support will be revoked if Pride Toronto does not invoke the City of Toronto's anti-discriminating [sic] policies and if Queers Against Israel Apartheid [sic] participates in this year's Pride Parade.

Never mind that Pride Toronto already requires parade participants to sign onto the anti-discrimination policy. 

“I’m a mayoral candidate and as a mayoral candidate, I need to be stepping up to the plate and giving my views,” Mammoliti told Xtra. As his anti-gay past makes clear, he's never been shy about giving his views about our communities.

Read the full text of his motion (with its hat-tip to Martin Gladstone's agitprop documentary) here.


photo CC Road Dog, courtesy of Flickr


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Every gay person should be
Every gay person should be fighting to keep our gay pride parade about gay pride. DONT LET THIS FRINGE ANTI-ISRAEL group take our pride away!
@ Tam So why do the QuAIA or
@ Tam

So why do the QuAIA or Israeli groups want to turn Pride into a front for a Middle Eastern War and quoting Haaretz and this is Israeli Media from Tel Aviv ? in Israel? and is that link you want to give me found under the resources part on the QuAIA website? Interesting you just proven every-time you do this that your Apartheid is a lie since South African Media under Apartheid never reported about the conditions of blacks ( they did not care) but then again Discrimination is still a problem in this country but Are we a Apartheid since we have Discrimination among minorities and have you ever heard of Housing Discrimination(http://www.hnc.utoronto.ca/publish/index.htm,)(http://www.ontariotenants.ca/articles/2000/gm-00g18.phtml) and maybe you should explain discrimination in this country want a link here is one that are published cases of discrimination in Canada{http://www.chrc-ccdp.ca/publications/alphabetical_alphabetique-en.asp}(also has what is Discrimination a group did cross that line and Pride failed to do anything about it and that is why we are in this mess)
and really about Non Natives not being force to leave{http://www.nationalpost.com/most-popular/story.html?id=2515716}
and yes Tam I'm Canadian and Queer

but how is this even a have to do with Gay Rights in Canada or even a Middle Eastern War to that matter and anyone can't even give a answer to that I do support you right to protest but you people have a week to do it and even Queens Park and Tam think about it if Israel was only jewish then why did they have a Druze(Non Jewish) formal President of Israel Majallie Whbee (http://www.knesset.gov.il/mk/eng/mk_eng.asp?mk_individual_id_t=727) {oddly still has seat you have to be elected to get a seat) and Arab Parties that are like the Bloc( I really don't think they could ever win a federal election) and here a link to one Arab Party in the Knesset (http://www.knesset.gov.il/faction/eng/FactionPage_eng.asp?PG=103)

but Again how does this have to do with Gay Rights in Canada?
Peter, I meant 93% of the
Peter, I meant 93% of the land was only for jewish people to build houses. I got that reference from Haaretz. That is institutionalized discrimination. That isn't happenning in Canada Peter where people can buy land wherever they want to live and if there was JNF it would probably be broken apart because landlords in Canada are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of religion. Natives in Candad, PETER, are not forced to live in reserves, they can live wherever they want and buy houses wherever you want. Are you even Canadian? Do you even know anything about this country? Non-natives live in reserves but can be asked to leave, which, btw, let to a community uproar. So, what exactly are you making up this time? This isn't just a bunch of racists Peter, it is racists that can go into private land and erect their houses there... meaning in the West Bank. Racists who cover their faces and beat old palestinian women, should I send you the video? Only to, with video evidence and all, have to hear from the police that there isn't enough evidence to pursue the case. To their credit, fair minded, non racists, in Israel demanded action and finally were granted action. That said, it appears the IDF and the police are quick with guns when it comes to arabs and very forgiving when it comes to abuses of arabs by Israelis. If Israel wants to tell us that it is a great democracy, it better live up to it. It cannot spend millions trying to convince us and then say... well, everyone has problems, so what, we have the most problems, and we like to shoot before asking questions... they advertised themselves as it... it was a lie.
@TamReally if you think
Really if you think Israel is Jewish only then please explain all those Arab MKs and also a Druze President then?. And So what if a minority faces discrimination it happens in all countries including Canada are we a Apartheid Since 80% of the population is European and some discriminate against minorities and Canada gives all equal rights and also ask or Native population they are force to live on reserves and also non natives can't live on them too sounds like Apartheid to me Did South Africa under Apartheid had any black presidents?
Brian, we will... and when
Brian, we will... and when you have something interesting to say... that is well informed... maybe you can join in.
Peter... you are very wrong,
Peter... you are very wrong, Pride will happen. We are all on. We have had worse problems before. For years we were even on the red... don't you worry... you will have Pride, I will have Pride, we will all have Pride.
A few other things... what
A few other things... what QaIA is trying to say is tha Israel oppresses gay palestinians, not because they are gay, but because they are palestinian... Peter, if 93% of Israel is jewish-only *no arabs allowed* how can you say Arabs in Israel enjoy equal rights? That makes no sense. At all. You have been told they have equal rights. There cannot be equal rights if Jewish people can live anywhere and Arabs can only live in 7% of the land. There are no equal rights if the government doesn't give them permits to build but yes if you are jewish. That isn't equal rights Peter.
Peter, Now you are back to
Peter, Now you are back to being ridiculous. For a second there I thought you might actually have a more balanced and reasonable opinion than the one you showed in previous threads. I don't believe that QaIA wants to destroy everything, I certainly don't. Indeed QaIA (have you been to their website) has a very broad definition of what would be acceptable for them in terms of human rights that provides for the possibility of a two-state peace settlement as long as everyone is treated the same. I don't see how that is destroying everything. The only thing they are targeting is the discrimination, the ocupation, the use of military force, the lack of a leadership in Israel that is truly committed to peace. Their position does not rule out the existence of a Jewish state (I am assuming with something comparable to 1967) along side a Palestinial state. How can you then make such propostrous claim as to say that they want to destroy everything? Not only that, but like I, people at QaIA have family and friends in Israel. And, I am pretty sure that they, like me, don't want harm done to them. How can asking the Israeli government to stop abusing palestinians be hatred? How can wanting to impose sanctions until Israel changes its ways be hatred? I just want them to get really serious about peace... and frankly, that is to the benefit of both Israelies and Palestinians.
Re: Pride/QUAIA Parade Death
Re: Pride/QUAIA Parade Death spiral cont'd

Thank you for elegantly making my point, per above Tam & Peter. And one more little thing. No one can blame the Harper Gov't for being anti-Gay in all this. As far as we know, Immigration Canada still accepts sexual refugees from benighted places like Iran, where Gays are hung from building cranes in public squares.

Now there's a place that could USE a Pride parade.

Somebody should have had a clue and noticed that both the Ontario Legislature and the Toronto public school system condemned the travesty called "Israel Apartheid Week" as blatantly racist.

Now go squabble.
Tamto answer your last part I
to answer your last part I did answer it because Pride became a martyr that both sides can use because they are just going to blame each other for not having it this year and all the Anti- Gay people are also using it to advance their agenda to like Giorgio Mammoliti for example


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