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Members of Hawkes committee announced on eve of Pride Toronto AGM

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Members of Hawkes committee announced on eve of Pride Toronto AGM

Roughly three months after the concept was first broached, Pride Toronto (PT) has announced the names of the members of its Community Advisory Panel.

The list of nine -- not seven, as previously reported -- includes several lawyers, a member of the Ontario Human Rights Commission and a staffer at the Toronto Police Service.

As we've reported previously:

The panel came about as part of PT’s June resolution to rescind its censorious ban on the phrase “Israeli apartheid” in this year’s Pride parade. Made up of “LGBTTIQQ2SA leaders and friends,” the panel is to “consult with the community” and make recommendations “regarding Pride Toronto’s ongoing working relationship with the broader LGBTTIQQ2SA communities.”

519 Church Street Community Centre executive director Maura Lawless consulted with an unnamed group of community organization executive directors in compiling the list of would-be panellists. Hawkes says he also consulted with MPP Glen Murray, mayoral candidate George Smitherman and Ward 27 city Councillor Kyle Rae.

Here's the final list: Brent Hawkes (chair), Doug Elliott, Michael Went, Lorraine Weinrib, Angela Robertson, Nicki Ward, Andre Goh, Kavita Joshi and Raja Khouri. Their full bios are available here. 

(Photo of Michael Went, centre) 

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After seeing the list of
After seeing the list of members that have been elected to the committee I feel as if we are going in the right direction.
Thank you Ken in Paris.This
Thank you Ken in Paris.

This is what Pride is about, It is not Pride Torontos Job to be the voice, it is about creating a place where every voice has a chance to be heard.

Giving people a chance to express themselves and their feelings on LGBT issues.

I look forward to your group participating and contributing, it is a brave move. Lets hope you will be strong enough to withstand the challenge of standing up for what you believe in as well as many others have.
@Ken in Paris, you're a
@Ken in Paris, you're a wounded man.
Since everyone has now jumped
Since everyone has now jumped on the "free speech" bandwagon (a strange idea since those who started it are the very people who for years shoved "political correctness" down our throats, trying their best to censor our vocabularies...) I'd like to start a new group to march in Pride next year... Its name:
Queers Against Islamic Atrocities... yep, that would read QuAIA... same as another group which has been creating problems for three years now at Toronto Pride...
MY group finds that it is highly suspect that those upbraiding Israel have never noticed that in Darfur, approximately 10 times as many people have been killed in the last ten years in Sudan than have been killed in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict...not to mention those who have been wounded, crippled, raped...and the atrocities are continuing as I write this; yet NO-ONE in Toronto seems to care about THESE deaths. Are Black Muslims, being killed by Arab Muslims, NOT worth our concern? Are only those Muslims being harmed by Jews of interest? Time to stop discriminating. Let's protest Muslim on Muslim atrocities. Those deaths (and so many more of them!) are JUST as unacceptable, no?
If anyone wishes to join me in this worthy cause, please contact me via this site. I will soon try and take out an ad in Xtra... we will see if they really DO believe in no censorship!
Brent Hawkes went in to this
Brent Hawkes went in to this saying he would not choose polarizing figures and indeed, he did not. They went with very non-controversial people. Beyond that, the main issue with the consultation panel is not who is on it (though there are serious issues with some of those people, and how all of them were chosen) but is about the effect it will have for there to be a consultation panel producing a non-binding report months after the agm. This allows the board to do things like what they did last night (at the agm): dismiss all comments and concerns of their members in a rude, prejudiced and insulting manner & still claim that they are listening to the concerns of "the community". PCFS pointed out these concerns before the people on the panel were announced, and the specific people chosen don't change any of it.
Michael Went as the co
Michael Went as the co-founder of the Pride Committee for Free Speech is an excellent choice for this advisory committee. It shoes they are letting some critics into the discussion.
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