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McGuinty's empty words of support for bullied gay youth

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McGuinty's empty words of support for bullied gay youth

Excuse me while I contain my rage. 

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty tweeted this afternoon: "Let's all stand up against bullying and support our gay children. They have the right to a safe and happy life!

That tweet sounds lovely, but his words are hollow. Back in April, McGuinty cancelled a sex ed curriculum update that would have helped fight homophobia in Ontario's schools.

McGuinty had a chance to make a difference for queer youth in Ontario schools, and he failed miserably by caving to a few social conservative bigots like Charles McVety.

Queers are still pissed at McGuinty's decision to shelve the new sex ed curriculum. At last night's Toronto vigil for lives lost due to homophobic and transphobic bullying, hundreds marched from Church and Wellesley streets to Queen's Park. Activist Anna Willats gave a passionate speech about how McGuinty has massively failed queer youth. Watch a clip of her speech below (starting at 1:20 seconds) and read an excerpt:



You’ll remember that Dalton McGuinty did one of his maybe not-so rare flip-flops on the issue of a new curriculum that was going to be introduced here. Do you remember that? Do you remember the moral panic that was in the media based on a few complaints from very influential evangelical Christians?

Those complaints prompted the premier to remove a tool that would have helped lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans youth.

These deaths that are happening are of course individual, unique stories, just like the ones we heard earlier, but they happen in a system. They happen in a context that is transphobic, homophobic and heterosexist.

If that curriculum... is put into place, our kids have a safe space at school.

In that decision, our premier decided to take that away from kids, to save votes with evangelical Christians, frankly, and other fundamentalists. That is a shame!

This comes in an education system that had the guidance counsellors, the hall monitors, the child-abuse workers, the social workers ripped out of it for 10 years by the Mike Harris Tories. And that is followed up with one little light: some progressive curriculum that would allow kids to talk about sex, talk about sexuality, talk about gender, talk about themselves in relation to all that. They took that away and they’ve replaced it with nothing yet.

We have an election coming up… and you need to be asking the premier and anyone who’s running when they’re going to put that curriculum back in our schools so that our young people can be affirmed.... So that my kids and your kids and the youth among us and the youth of the future have a more positive space to go to....

It is 2000-and-fucking-10 folks… it would be funny if it wasn’t so pitiful.


McGuinty still has a chance to change things. Let him know that you want to see Ontario's 2010 sex ed plan implemented NOW:

(You could also tweet back at him @Dalton_McGuinty - don't forget to add the #CanQueer and #OnPoli hashtags!) 

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Space is limitted!
Disgusting. Stop caving in to
Disgusting. Stop caving in to immigrant conservatives. Time to assert our own liberal values. Not those of Afghanistan and Yemen.
He's an idiot who is being
He's an idiot who is being controlled by the Catholic Church (could it be because his wife works for the Catholic School Board)? The sex ed program was dropped because a couple of old Bishops (and their boyfriends) don't want any mention of homosexuality in the school system....perhaps they are running their own homosexuality training program. It's time to abolish the Catholic School system once and for all. Next election, lets make it an election issue!
This is a sad situation, but
This is a sad situation, but there is something that can be done, if not through legislation, through banding together as people instead. One thing I know from graduating from the public school system not so long ago is that curriculum is only what gets taught in theory. Teachers themselves insert things of their own into their teachings and this is often a good thing, because if my entire education was in the hands of the people who make the curriculums, I would surely have dropped out before I graduated. So let's start something here. We need to go to teacher for support for teaching about the things that would've been taught in this curriculum and ask that they go ahead and teach it anyways because if it's left to the government, it may never happen.
I live in BC but I have read
I live in BC but I have read this article on Schools and bullying. How many more young lives do we have to lose before we spring into action and put a stop to this. My heart aches for the young teens in the US who have taken their lives in the last month. Teens who had their whole life ahead of them and families who will not experience the joy of watching them grow, mature and become successful despite they are gay. It is time for all of us to do our part to advance the fight against bullying, homophobia and transphobia so people can live as one.
What do you expect from a
What do you expect from a Bully?
McGuinty has been bullying and threatening Ontario dog owners for 5 years now.
Do you really think a Bully cares if bullying stops?

He is the WORST role model for the Youth of Ontario.
Why would straight kids stop bullying gay kids with this guy as a role model?

His message to others is that "It`s ok to judge based on (Breed/type/look)/sexual orientation/dress/gender etc,etc,etc.
So many times these people
So many times these people say one thing, and then do the other. Such liars it is sad.
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