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Massive queer braintrust to renounce Pride Toronto honours

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Massive queer braintrust to renounce Pride Toronto honours

Queer leaders have been distancing themselves from Pride Toronto since it announced it would ban the term "Israeli Apartheid" from this year's parade. But the latest latest blow to Pride Toronto appears to be of a different scale: 18 former grand marshals, honored dykes and awards recipients will renounce their honors and give back their awards to Pride Toronto, according to a press release from Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA.)

In what could be the second ugly scene on the lawn of Pride Toronto's offices in as many weeks, QuAIA invited photographers and the media to the Jun 7 event.

Elle Flanders, a former Pride Toronto board member and spokesperson for QuAIA, says they're staying mum about who exactly will be on hand.

"It's people who have been involved, with a long history of Pride," she says. "What we're showing is that Pride is not a corporate entity. It's the people who make it up."

From the release: 


Pride Toronto’s first choices for Grand Marshal and Honoured Dyke of the 2010 Pride Parade will join 18 former Pride grand marshals, honoured dykes, and award recipients — including prominent philanthropist, past Grand Marshal, and Pride Awards founder Salah Bachir — in returning their accolades to the organization on Monday, June 7.

WHAT: Press conference and return of awards with photo opportunity
WHEN: Monday, June 7 at 10:00 a.m.
WHERE: 519 Church Street Community Centre Auditorium



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@yooper from Michigan: This
@yooper from Michigan: This from a person who has no gay rights in his country....where in the State of Georgia you can be fired from your job for being gay....where in San Francisco you have lost more and more gay right....So please come enjoy see what true freedom of Gay Pride is...and remember when your enjoying the events It was Canada and other countries other then the USA that moved forward Gay right... you may of had the Stonewall Riots and a few other things...but that is where it end....Gay Pride is political and that is how Canada made it Changes to this country....it does not matter if you like or dislike QuAIA or any one else in the event it is all about speaking your mind and standing up for what you believe....you call the USA the home of the free and land of the brave....I lived there for 18 years and the only thing it stood for was U Screw All....
This is what happens when you
This is what happens when you dilute your message. By allowing people to vent their religious or political opinions rather than celebrate the gay and lesbian community and its contributions to society as a whole, you allow them to hijack your party. There should be only ONE statement in any Pride parade - "we're here, we're queer, we're proud and we're not going away". How did Israel and Palestine get mixed up in this? Bet I know. Quick question: How many dykes does it take to ruin a parade?
@uhuh show how much of a
@uhuh show how much of a asshole you are you have no clue about anything .... asshole like you are the ones behind the problem....just go back to what your good at NOTHING
"Queers against censorship"
"Queers against censorship" wrote: "Do your own damn research. It's called Google. Check it out." In response, it's OK if you can't find a source for the previous statements. It must be embarrassing for you. I understand your anger. Happy Pride!
As an outsider I have always
As an outsider I have always view Canada in as an openly diverse, safe, protected society. As a visiting tourist I look forward to Toronto Pride with excitement. But the actions and venum from QuAIA reveal a most repugnant underbelly of hate. Blackmailing, boycotting, and shaming coersion tactics are the venues of homophobes. You have evolved into the enemy of our historic past the we (GLBT) have vowed to overcome. How embarrassing that those people that the GLBT community bestowed such grand honours are lingering proof of poor judgement. The return of your honours and testimonials is greatly welcomed, so the GLBT community can erase the connections with such vile, disreputable people. Highly honoured representatives turning against those that bestowed the testimonials sound familiar? Think of the elections by the people of Germany of the Nazis. Germany people=kind : Nazis=bad. GLBT people=kind : QuAIA=bad. Toronto now has the chance to clean house and do the right thing: that is, let them do their worst but hold yourselves to a higher, more digified standard. ALL MY SUPPORT AND MONEY TO TORONTO PRIDE. To QuAIA I sever all connections.
DJ you can come to my church
DJ you can come to my church to promote say black history, no problem. You just cant change the name of my church so it becomes the black history church, understood? The former is inclusive, the latter is not. A church should be inclusive, as Pride should be, not just for those that think it fashionable to be anti Israel (or anti truth).
Who cares? Pride parades are
Who cares? Pride parades are too political anyways, filled with a bunch of whiny activists and hundreds of centrist or right wing straights who could give a rats about gay issues in the world, because they're just there to advertise. YAWN. Just wait until the party is over and go out for the real fun in the evening. Keep your damn family, advertisements, and stupid irrelevant political causes at home.
[quote]David, I would welcome
[quote]David, I would welcome a source for your statement above about "far less hostility" (i.e., Jews and Muslims in Palestine got along fine until the British came along in 1917). Since you present yourself as a historian and lecturer, I'm sure that you can provide it.[/quote]

Do your own damn research. It's called Google. Check it out.
@uhuh you could not be more
@uhuh you could not be more wrong... sorry to say....if you as a group are told you can not have someone coming to your Church (for example) and say it is to talk about black history....and some person who has NOTHING to do with your Church NEVER gone and does not even believe in your faith.....but you are told that if you let this go on you will lost your right to be a none tax Church any more....you then would claim that you are loosing your freedom of speech right!!....well this is the same thing there is no difference..... so Yes we are loosing our Freedom UHUH and Yes we wrap ourselves in the Flag in fact two flags .....one of the our COUNTRY'S AND OUR RAINBOW FLAG AND WE DO THAT WITH PRIDE....

claiming this is a freedom of
claiming this is a freedom of speech issue is such a FAIL

if an open party makes itself known as pro this or pro that, aside from its original jurisdiction, then that polarizes things further and a certain percentage of your followers/attendees will dissent - thats not what they joined for

if they object, it isnt *your* freedom of speech at stake, you turn it around wrongly

it is *their* freedom to dis-associate with what may be your incorrect notions of history or fuzzy justice

point - dont wrap yourself in the flag of freedom to jam your brochure in my face please!!

but talk about whatever you want, I go now


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