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Malawi: President backs down on legalizing homosexuality

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Malawi: President backs down on legalizing homosexuality

BY DANIELA COSTA – The president of Malawi, Joyce Banda, has said her country is not ready to decriminalize homosexuality, despite her pledge to do so upon taking office in May.

Banda, speaking in New York City after addressing the United Nations General Assembly, told the Associated Press that Malawians are not ready for such a change.

"Anyone who has listened to the debate in Malawi realizes that Malawians are not ready to deal with that right now,” Banda said. “I as a leader have no right to influence how people feel."

After assuming the presidency of Malawi following the death of Bingu wa Mutharika, Banda said she hoped parliament would support the repeal of the country’s indecency and unnatural acts laws.


"Where Malawi is and most African countries are, is maybe where America or the UK were about 100 years ago," Banda said. "The best thing the world can do is to allow each country to take its course, to allow each country to have that debate freely without the pressure of being pushed."

Banda cautioned that the price of pressing too fast for reform could be violence.

"We have seen countries where homosexuals have been killed,” Banda said. “Why? Because, in my view, the country — the nation— wasn't ready."

Banda will serve out Mutharika's term until 2014.

In Malawi, sex between men can be punished with up to 14 years of imprisonment.

Malawi’s stance on homosexuality came to international attention in 2010 after the conviction and 14-year prison sentences given to two men arrested for holding a symbolic engagement ceremony. The courts later pardoned the men.

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I called this several weeks
I called this several weeks ago in Xtra. She is what she is.
the USA-Canada colonialsts
the USA-Canada colonialsts are now trying to force all nations to allow men to "marry" men--this is the same type of disgraceful colonialsms that launched the slave ships of dooms--we must reject all their materialist decadence--Malawi--Russia--Uganda--Nigeria--Ukraine--Jamaica etc-- we don't want your immoral colonialsms--you attack nations-- kill people-ruin lives--Presidente Chavez warns of your desires to re colonialsze the nations-- this pro homosexuals propaganda is proof he is correct--USA--GO AWAY! LEAVE US ALL ALONE!!
“I as a leader have no right
“I as a leader have no right to influence how people feel." Leadership is nothing if it is not influencing how people feel. Banda is not a leader, but a mere follower. Perhaps the task was impossible, but it's no reason to lie.
Such a sad day for their
Such a sad day for their country. Ignorance cannot be justified.
I truly salute president
I truly salute president joyce banda for taking that strong stance of the majority malawian view on homosexuality. If really democracy and all its chains of freedoms and rights intends to be pushing even african countries to such alienable behaviours then we are still young and innocent as of now,wait for us may be when there will be total moral decadency then may be we shall be able to bow to such demands..
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