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Just tone it down

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Just tone it down

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI - That’s right. That’s the best some imaginative Ohio school authorities could do when repeatedly approached by 15-year-old gay teenager Zach and his mom about the homophobia he faced in school.

But then came the video of Zach being mercilessly beaten by a fellow Unioto High School student. In the midst of a bevy of other students standing around and watching, or getting out of the way, Zach’s attacker rained punch after punch on the teen as he covered up on the ground, the smacking sounds as they landed on Zach’s body more than clearly audible.

“I don’t even remember how many times he hit me,” Zach told a broadcast reporter.

One of the apparent catalysts for the beating? A comment the attacker allegedly posted on a Facebook photo of Zach: “Check out the definition of a fag.”

The more-than-sickening incident was not the first time Zach had endured a physical attack. He’d been hit in the face before but tried to ignore the violence.

Zach says one genius of a school administrator had this to say to him and his mother: “There’s a few gay kids in school, and you’re the only ones I have a problem with. So what can you do to tone yourself down?”

Mom was incredulous: “Wait a minute: you want my son to change, but you don’t want this bully to change?"

Enter the ACLU of Ohio. It is going to represent Zach in possible legal action against the district.

The all-too-familiar $64-million question for governments and school authorities everywhere? Why not spend the money on equipping schools and the future adults they’re supposed to be educating to respect difference and diversity instead of on lawyers to fight off the lawsuits that will keep coming if you fail to act on behalf of your students?

Just sayin’!


Check out the YouTube video here:  

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Why hasn't Xtra covered the
Why hasn't Xtra covered the story of Tanner, a 14 year old queer kid being bullied in Gatineau?

Search for "we love you tanner" on tumblr and reddit. It's a remarkable story.
The attacker was brought up
The attacker was brought up on assault charges, But the victime also has a cause of action against the school that has a duty to protect him from harm and willfully ignored the risk to his physical safety.
The real problem is that the
The real problem is that the mother and son did not bypass the school completely and file assault charges with the police. I'm not sure why the ACLU is involved unless they want to argue this guy's right to "flame." Apart from that, this is physical assault, pure and simple.
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