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Glory Hole Doughnuts combines two great things

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Glory Hole Doughnuts combines two great things

BY ROB SALERNO - Glory Hole Doughnuts, a new upscale doughnut bakery in Toronto, is combining two of the world's most perfect delights: doughnuts and bacon.

If you thought I meant something else, shame on you. There is no way that would pass the health code.

Glory Hole is part of a trend toward upscale junk food, and its luxurious desserts are basically junk-food porn. Just look at these works of art:

Maple Bacon

Fried Chicken and Waffles

Coconut Cream




I suppose some guys of a certain size could make a glory hole out of these things, but would any man benefit from the comparison?

Mmmm . . . bacon. 

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Sweet so sweet those small
Sweet so sweet those small little wheels. Just remind me of my weight! Whom is gonna win this time?
What works for one may not
What works for one may not work for someone else-Why not give something a try before spouting alot of ignorant B.S.? And for those of you putting the Man down for not finishing higher in some little race somewhere try lasting ONE DAY humping in Iraq,Bitches-THEN maybe you will have the right to talk smack
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