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Globe writer argues penis jokes not funny

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Globe writer argues penis jokes not funny

BY MATT MILLS –In a piece entitled "Bromance Is Blossoming into Bronography," published in Saturday's Globe and Mail, columnist Johanna Schneller identifes what she sees as an emerging trend in US entertainment media: a proliferation of dick jokes.

It's a funny and interesting essay in which the author uses scads of penis analogies and double entendres, enumerates a great list of recent dick-joke examples – very helpful for those readers who want to build dick-joke video libraries of their own – then argues that dick jokes, or jokes about genitalia of any configuration, are simply not that funny. Kind of a head-scratcher, really, if you take it too seriously, but well worth a light read.

Here's an example pointed out by Schneller, with more than 33 million views on YouTube: Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake's collaborative masterpiece, "Dick in a Box."

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Oddly, Schneller's piece
Oddly, Schneller's piece seems to exemplify the trend that it supposedly deplores. But the Globe is steeped in tediously coy prudishness, so who knows what she thought she was saying and to whom.
We all like to pretend that
We all like to pretend that with maturity, we've been able to leave behind the crude humour that entertained us as children, but the truth of the matter is that even [i]Shakespeare[/i] loved him a good dick joke.
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