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Who is filling out the Community Advisory Panel survey?

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Who is filling out the Community Advisory Panel survey?

At the completion of the third public panel hosted by the (Pride Toronto) Community Advisory Panel, Xtra's Andrea Houston asked panel member Michael Went if the results of the panel's online survey could be manipulated by a single user completing the survey multiple times. Went responded that multiple contributions from the same IP address were specifically allowed, but he wasn't concerned since “Survey Monkey has many tools to track that sort of thing.”

A quick glance at the Survey Monkey FAQ reveals that he's correct; the service allows users to filter results according to IP address. However, a stroll through some of Canada's most popular anti-gay blogs makes one think they might want to look into a tool that can also filter out homophobes.

In a recent post titled "Here's a little survey you should take…"  the Canadian blog Blazing Cat Fur urged its readers to fill out the panel's survey. Several months ago this same blog referred to Pride as Toronto's "Bitchy Flamer Parade," and a quick glance at the responses to "Sodomy - it's a Canadian Value" reveals that most of BCF's readers are neither fans of Pride nor gay. 

In another post, the blog's author condemns our own fab magazine for its "denigrating content" (for the naughty bits - eek!) and blasts InsideOut for screening a "pedophiliac wish dream" (watch Pat Mills's charming Babysitting Andy and judge for yourself).

Maybe the A (for "ally") in Pride Toronto's revised mission statement needs a subcategory? Feel free to post your suggestions in the comments section below. 

Went also told Houston the panel had received 760 completed surveys. We're wondering how many of those were filled out by Blazing Cat Fur's loyal readers, or by those who share BCF's contempt for Pride? 

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@Justin Stayshyni'm glad to
@Justin Stayshyn
i'm glad to see u corrected yr posts grammar. i'm hardly a stickler but u were saying the opposite of what u meant.

@everyone else

i found ths a very interesting thread to read.

the posting was about whether or not a particular survey was freeped or not.

the comments were starting to drift but it was only with the arrival of QAIA loons in the form of Di and LadyToronto(same person?) to spew their rabid, frothing antisemitism (see http://backseatblogger.com/?page_id=1998 ) to hijact the thread that the thread really went off the rails.

In the words of Sir Winston Churchill, "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject." fits QAIAniks to a "T"
Ange, what homophobic
Ange, what homophobic comments?
and the QuAIA always show
and the QuAIA always show their white hoods every single time. I wonder why people see this group as a hate group
LOL, I need my glasses. Look
LOL, I need my glasses. Look does any of this make sense to the queer community? Can you see our point?
Spellig. Damn. Should be
Spellig. Damn. Should be QUAIA
Roland,are you under the
Roland,are you under the false assumption that only jews would find QUIA offensive? I'm not Jewish, but I find QUIA disgusting. I'm not gay, but I find homophobes disgusting. Dividing your support base over prejudice is also disgusting.
Rolland - As far as I knew
Rolland - As far as I knew "Pride" wasn't about singling out a country and false accusations about Human Rights.
These comments are making me
These comments are making me more and more annoyed. The Zionists are insane to make QUAIA participation in Toronto Pride Parade an issue giving it much more of a headline. I love the Jewish community but this kind of righteously aggressive behaviour is a huge TURN-OFF! Dislike!! Pride is not about you...and you continuously make it about Israel's nationalism. Puke!!
Ange: Why don't you apply
Ange: Why don't you apply the same principle ("our site") and call it "our parade" and NOT ACCEPT PUBLIC FUNDS to disseminate "your" anti-Semetic rhetoric!
I'm surprised Xtra is
I'm surprised Xtra is allowing all these offensive homophobic comments on here. Matt Mills you've been interjecting in other conversations (which is a little strange for an editor in the first place) I'm wondering why you are allowing homophobes to rant on our site?


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