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Copenhagen 2009 World Outgames declares a profit

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Copenhagen 2009 World Outgames declares a profit

The Copenhagen 2009 World Outgames has declared a profit of $234,000 US, says the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA).

Profits will be allocated to local queer organizations, said Outgames' finance director Per Hermansen in a press release.

Copenhagen's success follows the financially disastrous first World Outgames, held in Montreal in 2006. The 2006 World Outgames racked up a $5.3-million deficit, according to a Quebec government audit


Before the 2009 event, Xtra spoke to Outgames' CEO Uffe Elbaek (pictured above) who said that Copenhagen would be careful not to repeat Montreal's mistakes.

Xtra was in Copenhagen for the Outgames -- take a look back at our video coverage:


The 2011 North American Outgames will be held in Vancouver. The third World Outgames will be held in Antwerp, Belgium in 2013.

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Thank you to everyone who
Thank you to everyone who made this such a wonderful experience. The city and its people opened their arms to welcome us, even with the sudden downpour of rain at the opening ceremony, it was a glorious week. Special thanks to the many volunteers who made everything so easy.
Hey Everyone - best wishes
Hey Everyone - best wishes for 2010! I attended Outgames Montreal & would've gone to Copenhagen too (but couldn't for work reasons), and will definitely go to Antwerp. Congratulations to Copenhagen on their financial success and congratulations (again) to Montreal, in spite of their deficit, for an absolutely brilliantly presented event! I will remember it forever - we had a fantastic time. Love from South Africa xx
Hello everyone!Just wanted to
Hello everyone!
Just wanted to congratulate the Danish team with their financial result, and thank both the Canadian and the Danish team for making the Outgames such a fantastic event twice in a row.

We have big shoes to fill here in Belgium, but rest assured that we will do our very best to live up to the expectations. Hopefully we may all welcome you again in 2013 at the Outgames in Antwerp!
Thanks Tom for the
Thanks Tom for the clarification. I would also like to add that the 2006 Outgames may have had a financial deficit, but did much to promote GLBT issues across Montreal, Québec, Canada and the world. Thanks again to everyone that contributed to make the 2006 games such a social, sports, and cultural success. As for Copenhagen, it was great to see and feel the legacy of Montreal brought to life and given a Danish twist. So many great ideas were brought forward and made for such a wonderful success... Congrats to Uffe and all his team for such a fantastic event! See you in Antwerp in 2013!
Hi there dear friends in
Hi there dear friends in Copenhagen. Congratulations on wonderfull Games, great turn out, and overall success!
Just to let you know that the Montreal deficit contrary to article posted by Brent Creelman the Montreal deficit when all was said and done was 1.2 million not the 5.3 million announced by the Charest governement PR machine! The final audit and at final closing of books established the deficit at 1.2 million. If you want to know the truth about the Montreal Outgames just ask me! I'm the former marketing director. As for the cause of the deficit it's very straight forward: only 12 000 tickets were sold for the opening ceremonies and 6 000 for the closing out of a possible 2 x 50 000 tickets. Had the games sold 24,000 tickets per ceremony (50% capacity) the Montreal Games would have had a profit! Yes we made the mistake of thinking that 50 000 people would buy tickets!
Warm regards to all. Tom Czerniecki
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