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Church cheers as tot sings 'no homos gonna make it to heaven'

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Church cheers as tot sings 'no homos gonna make it to heaven'

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI – "I know the Bible's right, somebody's wrong. I know the Bible's right, somebody's wrong. Romans 1, 26 and 27; ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven," the three-year-old toddler pipes.

And he is rewarded with the obvious delight of an onlooking pastor and an ovation from Greensburg, Indiana's Apostolic Truth Tabernacle congregation. Little consolation that the dislikes (7,183 and counting) outnumber the likes (447 and still ticking up, too) registered by those who have watched the video.

Seems like pastor Jeff Sangl and his flock didn't want their North Carolina counterparts to outdo them in the upping-the-homophobia-ante department. They had to get creative if they were going to trump Charles Worley's brainwave of penning queers within an elecrified fence, or dispensing advice, à la pastor Sean Harris, on violent techniques to cure children perceived to be gay by punching them or breaking their wrists. 

So Apostolic Truth Tabernacle went for the jugular: capitalizing on the cuteness of a kid and coaching him to sing cutely, to their collective way of thinking, about the not-so-cute end gays face at death.

According to one congregant, Gay Star News reports, those who are upset by the message and the church's gleeful reaction to it, "just don't read the word of God. If we don't teach children the truth early, they will never learn."

There's no question someting is "wrong" here. And what the fallout will be is anybody's guess. 

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That 3 year pld doesn't even
That 3 year pld doesn't even know what he is singing about and it is disgusting that the church and parents put hatered in a childs mind. We gays and lesbians are here and are born of straight people in which we have no choice in being straight or gay. It is not a choice. We are not going anywhere. That goodness that I live in Canada, the land of the free and not in your homophobic USA which is not the land of the free know matter what your anthem says.
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