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What Apple should have announced at today's iPad launch

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What Apple should have announced at today's iPad launch

Tech geeks are buzzing about today's big announcement from Apple: CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the company's new tablet computer, the iPad.

The hype was so intense that Twitter struggled under the weight of too many Apple-related tweets on Wednesday morning, reported social media blog Mashable.

But fancy new gadgets aside, what was I really hoping for at today's Apple event? An end to the company's anti-sex censorship.


The iPad (like the iPhone) runs apps that can only be downloaded from the official Apple App Store. The problem? Apple refuses to sell and distribute apps that are too sexy: no nudity, no "suggestive" sexual content, etc. Gay cruising apps like Grindr and Recon Mobile are forced to censor their users: no jockstrap pics! No bum pics! No cock pics!

So, Steve Jobs: how about opening up the Apple App Store to all developers? Stop imposing your morality on the world and let everyone — sluts and kinksters included — enjoy your company's new gadgets.  

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Terry: Downloadable apps
Terry: Downloadable apps offer more features than any website viewed on an iPhone. For example, you can upload photos to an iPhone app, but you can't upload photos to a website while on the iPhone. iPhone apps can offer push messaging notification. Apps can also have advanced graphics and animations -- so we'll never an iPhone game app that features nudity or sexy content.

You just have to look at examples of gay cruising apps like Grindr and Recon Mobile, which are tame versions of web-based hookup sites. There are also many "sexy picture" apps that feature pics of hot guys, but no nudes because Apple won't allow it. There's a demand for sexier apps, and competitors are taking a hands-off approach to app censorship. An Android-based "adult only" mobile store recently launched: Mikandi.com.

Why do we need Apps if we can
Why do we need Apps if we can just browse to a webpage for almost the same interface?
Why are we still begging for
Why are we still begging for change from Apple? It's not coming. They've always been a very control-obsessed company. I refuse to use any of their products, including iTunes.
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