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Alaska: Idea of gay civil unions tickles Republicans

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Alaska: Idea of gay civil unions tickles Republicans

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI — A reporter from the Juneau Empire asked members of the Republican-led House majority caucus if they would support the idea of domestic partnerships or civil unions for gay couples as part of their proposed initiatives . . . and they apparently thought he was being funny. 

As the chuckles died down and an unidentified caucus member was heard saying he "didn't see it in there, no," another member replied on behalf of the group: "What's important about this caucus is that we've focused on the things that really allow people to have a great life. We didn't have a discussion here about what happens inside your home; we had a discussion here about whether or not you can make money, there's a great economy, and whether or not you're going to have the opportunity to live in Alaska with a great future."


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Yes there may be a connection
Yes there may be a connection, but still it isn't proved. There are many unbelievable situations during last 2 months in Sri Lanka. Many researches should be done deeply in future.
It was a pleasure coming to
It was a pleasure coming to your site..
Thanks for sharing your
Thanks for sharing your website
Grate Post. Thanks For
Grate Post. Thanks For Shairing this. :)
Just another set of excuses
Just another set of excuses by a party in the USA that long ago sold out to the southern bible belt xtians who still hope for the return of segregation and see gay people the way the madman who ran Germany did.

Eg Pastor worley of NC last year said "gays belong behind an electrified fence"

He was referring to eg Auschwitz
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