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100 awful people who say they would kill their gay children

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100 awful people who say they would kill their gay children

BY ANDREA HOUSTON - Here is a list of despicable people, many of whom tweet under their real names. Fly, monkeys!


(Xtra is not responsible for your actions.)

The hashtag started to trend on March 12, according to Polari Magazine. The account, @homophobes -- specifically created to re-tweet shockingly homophobic statements on Twitter -- captured 100 tweets from thoroughly disturbed people who said they’d actually murder their children if they turned out to be gay. These are real people, with real names and faces that go beyond avatars.

@homophobes, which is "run by a homosexual," wisely advises to #ThinkBeforeYouTweet.


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Bethenny is out of control!
Bethenny is out of control! She blames everyone for not living a normal life, newsflash what does she define as normal!? She is so ungrateful to her parents regardless if they were unfit she wasn't starving she had a great education! I use to be a fan on RHONY but after her spinoff! I thunk she's awful!!!! She treats Jason like shot as well as her assistants! She fired the male assistant for being inappropriate. She should lock herself in the closet she's the most inappropriate person I know! Way too obsessed with weight she looks like a skeleton so gross!!
Robert Taylor:
Robert Taylor: Inconsequential words? To you maybe. I'm guessing you're straight and these "inconsequential words" have no threat of every applying to you. How about you stop dictating what is inconsequential to us queer folk? I think we can decide whether or not these words are upsetting, offensive, threatening or of consequence. Particularly when queer youth are killing themselves at an alarming rate due to this kind of hatred.
Do you consider the black
Do you consider the black community homophobic?

Don Lemon "Yes! I think there is a segment of the black community -- a big segment of the black community -- that are homophobic and it has a lot to do with religion. The church has been the backbone for so long through slavery and all of those things. You had to pray your way out of slavery. People think you can pray your way out of issues or problems and some believe being gay is one of them. In black culture, and similar in Latino and other minority cultures, it's the worst thing you can do as a man. In both cultures you have to be a man and they equate being gay with not being a man.
Centers disease control
Centers disease control pictures
Hmm i hope you don't get
Hmm i hope you don't get annoyed with this question, but how much does a site like yours earn?
I clicked on a few of their
I clicked on a few of their profiles at random, maybe 20 or so total but they all seem to be teenagers, mostly teenage boys who are jocks, these seem to be mostly, if not all, children themselves. For obvious reasons there's no way they should be having children anyways besides the fact they are much too young, at least the ones I clicked on at random. Teenage boys are notorious for trying to fit in and be like everyone else and trying to be "real" men which in our culture still means means being hetero even still in 2012 though that may be slowly changing. These people are still children themselves who are no where near being capable of being parents anyways, I imagine that as they grow up their views will change. I too thought some of them seemed like closet cases which is just sad.
@Ron - most of the featured
@Ron - most of the featured homophobic twitterers also appear to be under 20, and fairly evenly split male & female. I'm not sure what your statement about Xtra! not noting the possible race of the perpetrators is about(the author isn't racist? How terrible!) I don't think trading one set of prejudices for another is a solution, Ron.
This turns my stomach, people
This turns my stomach, people are really sick! I'm thankful that in Canada these kinds of people would go to jail for killing their children! Thanks for sharing.
Xtra! neglected to mention
Xtra! neglected to mention that most of these people are black. What a surprise.
15-year-old boys in their
15-year-old boys in their parents' basement hiding behind a pseudonym and a keyboard trying to sound macho.

Horrible words, yes, but inconsequential.


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