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Deportation and same-sex marriage in the US

Kox & Kuntz

Deportation and same-sex marriage in the US

A friend of mine is currently going through this. She, a Quebecker, is the partner of a Boston lady. Upon returning from a Canadian trip a few weeks ago, she found herself unable to return to her home in the States. Her partner, her dogs, her home, her job, her life -- pffft, says America. Sign this petition for another deportation issue: this one is a San Fran--> Venezuela marriage.


Save Doug and Alex’s marriage, and stop deporting same-sex spouses

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This really pisses me off. I
This really pisses me off. I'm a US Citizen who wants to move to Canada so badly. However, I'm not a same-sex anything; I haven't met anyone in over 15 years. I've wanted to move to Canada years before the marriage thing was legalized, I'm just a single gay guy with a university degree and am an expert on Canadian Studies (culture, history and economics). During a time like this, North America can not afford to burn bridges by preventing educated people with relevant work skills, cultural awareness and interest from moving within North America. This will not cause the US, Canada or Mexico to 'lose' their unique identities any more than they already have. What it would do is ensure that people who, again, have the education, language skills and specific job criteria to work can be identified and be on a pathway to citizenship.

The current system is one in which nobody knows who is in Canada, the US or Mexico legally/illegally. Boo for same-sex privileges (or opposite sex) for immigration; what about all of us who are single? We aren't wealthy, we don't have family connections - we just have a passion for the country we would like to live in and potentially become a permanent resident by ourselves. Any law that would help same/opposite sex couples needs to also be applied to singles too.

European countries have very specific identities and allow others within Europe to move, work and prosper. I hear very little about problems over there with this issue. Why is this such a difficult thing for North America? This would bring interest to Canada - no longer can Canada afford to only allow those with doctorate degrees - Canada needs a workforce of Nurses Aides, Caregivers, Social Workers, etc., to care for an aging population. The US needs people with global experience to come to places OTHER than New York or Los Angeles to bring the rest of the country up to speed. Mexico needs to be forced into upgrading the quality of life for it's residents by allowing skilled workers in to make it more and more difficult for this culture of violence and corruption to become a way of life. These are all fixable challenges; unfortunately the powers that be in all three nations are too self-important to do anything that's going to make a difference.
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