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Welcome to your weekly dose of crazy


Welcome to your weekly dose of crazy


Lincoln, Nebraska, is looking to put into effect a non-discrimination ordinance protecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people vis-a-vis employment and housing rights. Part of the process in these cases is allowing the public to attend and speak at meetings around these ordinances. It's just good democracy.

It's also comedy gold, sometimes.

Check out what this woman had to say.

I have to say, I think her best line is, "They cuss afer coupling." Well, she did get one thing right. I guess saying "Fuck" is what makes me gay.

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I wonder whether the "facts"
I wonder whether the "facts" she's stating are original thoughts she had, bad misinterpretations of things she's read somewhere, or if someone else has said the exact same thing somewhere else. Whatever the case, doesn't look like anyone's going to take her seriously.
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