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The Reading List: Anderson Cooper edition


The Reading List: Anderson Cooper edition

On Monday, July 2, a glass closet was quietly shattered.

Yesterday, Andrew Sullivan published a letter he received from Anderson Cooper, in which he writes, "The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud."

In the hours that have since passed, Cooper's discussion of his private life has become newsworthy. Here are some of the more interesting takes on the matter.


Over at Gawker, a timeline of Cooper's "open secret." The guys at Gawker are kind of obsessed with Cooper. Their former writer Brian Moylan touches on the subject

Michael Musto chimes in, considering he had somewhat "outed" Cooper a few years ago.

The HuffPo has an interesting op-ed on why Cooper's coming out is a big deal, while the National Post says, "Nah."

Oh, and a conservative writer decided to make an interesting joke of the whole thing.

Speaking of jokes, those crazy kids at Next Media Animation even took it on.

And perhaps most interesting of all, Kathy Griffin speaks up about why she never outed her New Year's Eve co-host.

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Awfully enlightening many
Awfully enlightening many thanks, It looks like your current readers might possibly want even more blog posts similar to this continue the great effort.
What Bob neglected to mention
What Bob neglected to mention, was that on another Scotch-fueled night we came up with a, err, NOVEL solution to the gas tank size problem: We would pull a "Smokey Yunick" and plumb the roll cage so IT would fill with gas as well! We figured that it would be worth another 5 gallons at least! And it would never be detected as SCCA had already done the annual safety inspection on the car! Great idea!!!!<br />We quit drinking for a while after THAT one...
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