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Popping culture: When memes collide - meet Ikeas Homonkulus


Popping culture: When memes collide - meet Ikeas Homonkulus

As Joel Plaskett once said, "There are reasons that I love this town."

But I don't think he necessarily meant this.

A Halifax artist has taken to Kijiji to sell their wares. Now, this may not be newsworthy unto itself, but take a look at what they're selling.

Look familiar? No?

How about now?


The Haligonian artist is selling the meme-laden painting for $60 on Kijiji. In the meantime, the painting itself is receiving a lot of media attention on sites like Reddit and even The Huffington Post

I do love this town.

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Great initiative from
Great initiative from Stanford students! There are people who realise onthers are in more need than them and are able to do something about it
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