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5 Minutes of Fame seeks new home


5 Minutes of Fame seeks new home

Talent lovers and seekers, drag queens and kings, poets and performers: many have graced the stage at Halifax's 5 Minutes of Fame. 

Unfortunately, that stage is a little quiet right now. Or rather, it's been lost.

Host Eureka Love recently announced on the show's Facebook page that 5 Minutes will no longer be hosted at Reflections Cabaret. When contacted by Xtra, Love stated that the bar wanted to go in a different direction. Love, who has been hosting the show for six years, took over for the original host, Lulu LaRude, when Lulu fell ill.

Image via Eureka Love's Facebook page.

"This February would have been nine years; I was trying to take it to 10 for Lulu," says Love.

The show has been a stepping stone for many performers in Halifax, especially amongst this city's drag performers, both kings and queens. "I would have never done drag if not for Lulu. I was happy enough just producing the show for her."

As of now, the weekly variety show has no home, but Love is looking into finding a new venue. "I've got a FEW ideas for where we can move to and I'm open to suggestions," she says. 




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