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Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

Daily Briefs

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

Genderbending Disney

Li Shang, in Disney's Mulan, sings "I'll Make a Man out of You," but does the process work the other way?

For Arizonan "costume designer, illustrator and part-time merman" Richard Schaefer it definitely does. The adorable, fabulously eyebrowed costumer has created a series in which he portrays both prince and princess: Belle and Beast, Ariel and Eric . . . Tiana and Naveen in somewhat questionable taste, but since when has Disney cared about being politically correct?


femmy queen does drag
This is earthshattering gender news just breaking on the gender frontier for gender studies persons studying gender and genderalities. The part-time merman is an old fashioned drag queen, a femmy dude who dresses up like ladies. News perhaps in 1874. But gender studies is about 100 years behind the modern world.
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