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Toronto artist explores surgery through collaboration

Home-grown cutie and artist extraordinaire Chase Joynt recently opened his current project in the Windy City. Resisterectomy explores narratives of surgery, mapping his own experiences of mastectomy and hysterectomy in relation to another's cancer surgeries.

Joynt explains to The Chicago Maroon, "In retrospect, I think I was seeking what I thought to be my 'antithesis' — a cisgendered, relatively normative suburban woman, possibly who had experiences with breast and/or uterine cancer." The result ended up being a collaboration with Dr Mary Bryson, a University of British Columbia professor and the director of the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice. Bryson's a widely published academic whose work has previously explored her own cancer treatment in the context of cancer experiences of queer Canadians.

Joynt's work, previously presented at the Feminist Art Gallery in Toronto and the Access Gallery in Vancouver, explores the altering and sometimes violent and traumatic experience of surgery, but, he says, "We actively acknowledge and simultaneously subvert various stories about bodies, gender, trauma and cancer, and in doing so understand the risk in our 'play.'"

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This blog post takes quotes directly from an article posted in the Chicago Maroon... perhaps you should start your opinions from there. Or better yet, actually see the work! http://chicagomaroon.com/2013/11/15/in-new-experimental-space-artists-probe-the-gendered-body/
are you saying xtra misquoted or manipulated the original text
are you saying xtra misquoted or manipulated the original text -- hmm -- wonder why thy would do that
educated opinions are sexy!
The work is actually quite meaningful and thought-provoking for many people who see it - including people who have experienced breast cancer and trans* people. Maybe you should learn more about it (and then decide if you still want to be the kind of person who draws quick opinions based on a blog post). See, for example - http://nomorepotlucks.org/site/under-the-skin-imagining-medicines-queer-pedagogies-as-moving-pictures-chase-joynt-m-k-bryson
Trans Queer propaganda
Trans Queer propaganda does not make the association of cancer surgery to save lives with the elitist gender play of surgery in any manner but that of preaching to the choir. Not transgressive. Just manupulative and vile. By the way, since this F2T person has admitted that zim's surgery is part of zim's gender play, then why in the name of poverty must taxpayers foot the bill for this F2T's playtime. Beyond vile. This is not art. It is dogmatic preaching to the converted.
elitist play
What an elitist and privileged and wealthy form of so called play. While the real woman underwent the masectomy and hysterectomy to save her life along with all the real human emotions that went with her cancer and her family; the F2T person chose to mock the gravity of these operations and chose to have them done as a form of gender play. The most digusting part of this elitist mockery of human pain is how the Queer Inc celebrates this F2T play as part of the Queer catechism, yet mocks the human real pain as nothing more than a frame for trans self-absorption. Vile.
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