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'Pregnant Man' update: The fight for divorce equality and more babies

'Pregnant Man' update: The fight for divorce equality and more babies

Thomas Beatie with new love Amber Nicholas.

"Pregnant Man," aka Thomas Beatie, will appear on an upcoming episode of Anderson, and in a preview of the show, he introduces his new girlfriend, Amber Nicholas, the director of the daycare his three children attend.

When Anderson Cooper asked if they plan on having children, the couple said they are leaving the option open. Thomas has had bottom surgery, but still has a uterus, so could carry more children if he chose.

The mother of Thomas's kids is Nancy Beatie, although following Thomas's assault charges against her, they have separated. They are trying to divorce, but an Arizona judge is disputing that the couple were ever legally married because Thomas was not born male. Despite not wanting to be with Nancy anymore, Thomas refuses to nullify their marriage, "like it never happened."

On having children with Amber: Hypothetically, we have talked about starting a family together. The surgeon highly advises against it. Yeah, I might bust a stitch or something. We would have to check out our fertility options. Right now we have some of the same sperm used with the three children that I've had. We have two vials left at California Bank, and there's a clinic in San Francisco that we might seek advice from.

On his divorce: It's been a process. We physically separated back in March when I filed for separation and there was a protective order, but basically I didn't wear my wedding ring for a year prior to that. 

On the judge's dispute that he and Nancy were never legally married: But it did happen, and I was married to Nancy for almost 10 years. We paid taxes, we bought and sold homes, we started a family together, and I want that to be validated. It's being challenged right now, so if I back down from it we all lose.

The full episode with Thomas and Amber airs on Anderson Thursday, Nov 15.

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Thomas's body is not entirely
Thomas's body is not entirely female. He has had bottom surgery, although he does still have a uterus. He identifies as a male and lives his life as a man, which is why it's appropriate to refer to him as male. Calling him a "he-she" would be offensive and incorrect.

It's also offensive to suggest that trans people are just 'androgynous beings'. If someone is seriously saying they feel they are in the wrong body, and taking hormones/having procedures to change that, then it is the world's responsibility to respect and honor their choice, and the way they identify.
“His” mind is “male” but his
“His” mind is “male” but his body is female. So when we address “him” we are addressing his mind only not his body. We are ignoring the body.

If “he's” pregnant, then we have to address “her” body because men can't get pregnant. As a born woman “she” has a vagina, uterus, ovaries and eggs and able to get pregnant. We refer to people with those physical properties as “Female” —she.

Anyone with a prostate gland and no uterus is physically male —he— regardless of what he/she wants to be called to bolster identity.

We really need better terminology to refer to Trans people. Maybe a hyphenated word: he-she.

At some point it will be realized that surgery and hormones cause too many side effects, health hazzards, blood clots, cancer, even botched surgeries, —to be a viable procedure.

What if they were not in the “opposite sex” body? What if they were just androgynous beings who did not fit into any mono-sex body?
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