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NYE performances!

NYE performances!

My girl Quannah Style performed "Proud Mary" at Junction's NYE party, and killed it:

Check out Syren DeMille's and Raye Sunshine's performances at Celebrities' NYE, Once Upon a Time . . .


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Exactly! All good points
Exactly! All good points MaryKateandAshley. It's that horrid self-aggrandizing triangle of small-town narcissists, consisting of Tommy D, Peter Breeze, and Quanah.
Celebrities - yawn.TommyD -
Celebrities - yawn.
TommyD - yawn.

Anyone notice whenever TommyD or that other dealer Peter Breeze get up to "perform" people tend to go to the bar to get another drink or go to the bathroom and just wait for it to be over.

They tend to entertain the bridge and tunnel crowd though, will give them that but this also just shows the state of how pathetic these events have become.

They actually aren't adding to Vancouver's nightlife, they are actually helping to take the nightlife away. Who the hell wants to go out, spend money to be bombarded with that? lol
I hate Tommy D.
I hate Tommy D.
I realise Xtra West is
I realise Xtra West is chronically desperate for content, but could you please stop torturing us with Tommy D's bad Palm Springs circuit drag.
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