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Mike Huckabee: the man in the mirror

Mike Huckabee: the man in the mirror

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee launched a presidential campaign largely built on bullying the gay community by comparing homosexuality to drug abuse, polygamy and incest. But could it be that after seeing the much-talked-about documentary Bully, he's had a change of heart? While interviewing Bully director Larry Clark, Huckabee said:

"It doesn't matter whether you're liberal, Democrat, Republican, this is an issue that is an absolutely inexcusable situation for this country to tolerate and endure. Regardless of the motivation -- race, religion, physical aptitudes, or some otherwise -- no child in America should be subjected to harassment, humiliation or violence while in the care of a public, or for that matter, any school."

He also voiced his opinion that the drama over the film's rating was unnecessary, as he's seen worse on TV. He said that he will be buying copies of the film for his children to see and that he recommends parents watch this film before sending their kids to school. While I commend the fact that he understands the wrongness of bullying in American schools, he lost me when he said "or some otherwise." He is incapable of saying "gay." A little three-letter word, and he can't say it aloud, despite the fact that LGBT issues play a pivotal part in Bully.

It's great that he wants to help stop bullying, but if you want to make a change in the world -- start with yourself. 

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We all slow down to look at
We all slow down to look at train wrecks. I live in LA and deal with "celebrities" at the dry cleaners. Some people never get anywhere near LA or a celeb they admire, knowing the final details of their life can be fascinating. News wouldn't repot if if people weren't interested in seeing it either. Millions pilgrimage to the gravestones to pay respect, some of us find the death spot more interesting than where they keep the bones. Macob, maybe. Interesting, definitely.
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