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No-fun city? Bitch, you're silly

No-fun city? Bitch, you're silly

Vancouver may not be known for its nightlife, and it can be disheartening to hear how hard it is for venues fighting an archaic government and society (die baby doomers, die) who want our city to be asleep by 9pm -- but ultimately, fun is a mindset. I learnt that growing up in the Prairies, which doesn’t just have no-fun cities, but no-fun everything. I still managed to have the time of my life (give me a drink and The Immaculate Collection and it’s a disco), so I can’t help but think that a lot of the no-fun complaints about Vancouver are, at least partially, negative thinking. 

There are lots of fun events going on, like Oasis’s new weekly Wavy Wednesday, with DJs Ainsley Willow, Andrew x3 and Space Jam serving Davie Village with much-needed doses of chilled-out dance music that you can flow to. 

I was eating a hangover breakfast at Joe’s Grill on West 4th (an avocado and tomato benny is the cure), and I saw this poster on the wall of four glasses of beer (also the cure). Above the glasses it said, "Attitude is everything in life." The first glass was half empty and underneath it was written “pessimist.” The second glass was half full -- the “optimist.” In the third glass, the beer was floating above the glass -- the “spiritualist.” In the fourth glass, the beer had been drunk and all that was left was a bit of foam, which was of course, the "realist."

My point is, if you’re not having fun in Vancouver, drink more.

If you still don't believe in its fun, maybe the escapades of the gay community, as captured in Blitz & Shitz in the next issue of Xtra (out Oct 17), will help change your tune!


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Whoa, what a collection. I
Whoa, what a collection. I think I need a day (or two) off to catch up!Web design without HTML? Yes please!!!
I can't believe after soooo
I can't believe after soooo many years of reading scientific material that christians STILL find a way to NOT face reality by throwing god/jesus/etc into the mix. Not one single religious zealot has contributed anything other than scripture references (like we all just CAN'T wait to go out and read that passage in the bible). It's so hard to believe that a so called christian' can't seem to balance their belief system with the secular/natural world. Your beliefs are your beliefs and I don't judge or belittle anyone based on their spiritual persuasion. I am baffled as to how seemingly intelligent humans can't just simply have a conversation relative to the topic without going into a sermon.
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