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First gay marriage for Congress

First gay marriage for Congress

The first openly gay American congressman, Barney Frank, who has been a pioneer for gay rights in politics since coming out 25 years ago, has married his partner of five-years, Jim Ready. The two wed in an intimate ceremony in Newton, Massachussets. The couple, who have made history as the first gay couple in Congress, wrote their own vows and promised to love each other "on MSNBC or on Fox."

"Barney was beaming," says Al Green, a Democratic congressman from Texas. "It was no different than any other wedding I've attended when you have two people who are in love with each other."

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How about murals for every
How about murals for every football team WVU has fielded since 1891? Paint or engrave the names of all members of every roster, kinda like the names on the wall of the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington, DC. It's something present day players could take pride in, and the oldtimers would love to look for their name when they come back for Homecoming and reunions, etc.
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