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ICON giveaway! Get on the guest list to see Drag Race star Manila Luzon

ICON giveaway! Get on the guest list to see Drag Race star Manila Luzon

TFD Presents is bringing you a party every Friday in October at Post Modern in Gastown. The event's Facebook page promises, "Every Friday in October we will be bringing you some of the best talent on the scene today. DJ's, Drag Performers, singers, hosts, dancers, EVERYTHING we can possibly throw at you, we will!"

There is a jam-packed lineup of RuPaul's Drag Race stars coming to Vancouver this month, starting with Manila Luzon!

Tickets are $20 and are available at Priape and Little Sister's. OR you can email blitzandshitz@xtra.ca the answer to this simple question:

Manila Luzon's name is a play on the names of a city and island in what country?  

The winner gets on the guest list!  

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Get real people. You should
Get real people. You should focus your efforts on shuttting down bars and liquor stores if you are so concerned about the health of people. Alcoholism does more damage than any casino ever could.Then you should go after fast food restuarants, convenience stores, candy stores and bakeries. Obesity is also a problem, there more obese people in Vancouver than there are problem gamblers.How about smoking? What are the statistics on the financial impact of smoking?As for casino revenue, are you going to provide the funding for all the charities that will lose out on money once you shut down casinos? You are going to have one heck of a bake sale to recoup that money.Do your homework, check the facts. Make sure you have a solution for the thousands of families that will lose their livelihood. Or maybe they can all work for you?
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