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Harper's new Senate appointment says being gay is a choice

Harper's new Senate appointment says being gay is a choice

One of the two new senators announced by Stephen Harper on Dec 20 told Xtra in a 2008 interview he thinks being gay is a choice.

Rev Don Meredith, of the GTA Faith Alliance, and Larry Smith, a former CFL commissioner, will fill two vacancies in the Senate, giving the Conservatives an outright majority in the unelected body.

(Jenna Wakani)

Back in early 2008, Rev Meredith spoke to Xtra during his by-election run for the Toronto-Centre seat vacated by long-time Liberal MP Bill Graham. 

To a question about his personal position on same-sex marriage, the Conservative candidate replied, "It's the right of individuals to choose their orientation," and when asked if he thinks being gay is a choice he answered, "Individuals have chosen."

He also answered questions on the age of consent for anal sex, funding AIDS vaccine research and was asked if he thought homosexuality is a sin. Rev Meredith ducks the sin question, though he concedes, "We do the same physiological things — we need to eat, we need to sleep, we need food, we need shelter, we need good healthcare — that's the crucial thing."

Read the whole interview here.

Rev Meredith lost the by-election with only 12.5 percent of the vote.

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I’ve been in search of and
I’ve been in search of and search for facts and info relating to this for pretty some time now. Many because of the helpful insight.
Come next federal election,
Come next federal election, of course I will choose anyone but hypocritical, senate-stacking Stephen Harper to vote for. But the writer of this piece has dwarfed that issue with one of his own making. After coming upon Justin Stayshyn's petty exposé of a shared IP address for commenters Peter/James, above, I may also choo-choo-choose not to trust Xtra as an above-board entity. Xtra threatens to derail its own gravy train by condoning such a nasty, juvenile "choice" of action, not to mention jumping to such a hasty assumption: What if Peter and James shared the same computer? Xtra shows contempt for its readers by using hidden data to shame commenters for comments it doesn't like. I have my own mind, and I don't need to be fed Xtra's "secret" information in order to judge the substantiveness of the comments I read, thank you.
Freedom of speech doesn't
Freedom of speech doesn't include the right to spread slander & defamation against an entire segment of humanity.Opposition to homosexuality based on verses in the Bible are untouchable, of course. Such opposition is covered by freedom of religion, as we all know. The problem lies in the fact that the religious right have the mistaken idea that religious liberty includes the right to deny, diminish, or eliminate; the rights of others. Before I forget.....Merry Christmas to you all, & best wishes for 2011. And I mean that.
I'd also like to pass this item along from my personal endeavors. For a number of years now, I have kept an eye on the religious right websites, & if I saw something that I knew to be erroneous; I'd send a comment explaining the errors. I never argued with religious belief, never used inappropriate language, was sure about my facts, &, I think; was acceptably articulate. Well , folks, I have arrived!! I just received the most complimentary holiday gift ever. My email address has been banned from Lifesite News. Deo gratias.
Just a note to Peter.You
Just a note to Peter.
You share James' opinion and his IP address.
(I'm a Gay man I do not agree with views but will defend the right for him to say it.)

I think it is a fair to compare the opinions of the QuAIA and Xtra's twisted politics with James comment. Like the the QuAIA, Rev Don Meredith has the right to freedom of Speech and expression, so why can Rev Don Meredith have that right either? In a democracy he does have the right to have his views like anyone else. Rev Don Meredith does have twisted views but I do defend his right to say or think this way if he chooses because the Charter of Rights and Freedoms allows it.
How come it's only
How come it's only heterosexuals that say being gay is a choice? That must mean they "chose" to be straight. Does it mean that if they meet the right person of the same sex then they'd "choose" to be gay?? Sexuality is not a choice. That is a fact.
are people being hired to
are people being hired to just write about QuAIA. If Xtra had a recipe section, they'd find a way to write in more shit about how hard done they are with QuAIA in the world and all the threats against their lives...poor, poor, poor folk. In the end all I can do is laugh at them. Maybe Don will pray for them too.
Being on the downlow is a
Being on the downlow is a choice, bro ! Talk to the brothers in the hood and get back to 2011.
Damn, the right wing fools
Damn, the right wing fools are really out in force today... Did Harper ask his homophobic friends to stop in at Xtra and respond to articles?
What amazes me is that people
What amazes me is that people like this are actually saying that as a free human - you do not have the right to choose your own adult sexuality and the other adults you choose to share it with.

While I do not believe it is a choice, if it were I would fight for that freedom to choose - and freedom from others making private decisions for me.


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