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Xtra's new design an easy pickup


Xtra's new design an easy pickup

Clean, colourful and square
Xtra has been given an exciting makeover. Starting Nov 1, the look of Canada’s largest gay and lesbian news publication is changing.
Xtra's page dimensions have been altered for the first time since 1996. The paper is now smaller, which means it costs less to print in a time of shrinking ad revenue. It's also square -- and that offered a whole new range of possibilities. “It’s allowed us to put full colour on every page,” says Lucinda Wallace, the creative director at Pink Triangle Press.
And it’s easier to pick up. “It will fold up just a little bit better, fit into a bag a bit better,” says Brandon Matheson, publisher and editor-in-chief at Pink Triangle Press.
Both Matheson and Wallace see a future in print despite the challenges posed by a shift to more online publishing. “The other element, which people often don’t factor in, is that our print publications are an amazing marketing device to drive people to our website,” Matheson says. 
And, Wallace adds, print has an edge over online publishing. “We do know that people are looking for a more curated experience, and that is something print has given us.”
“When you pick up a newspaper or magazine, it’s a package. It has a beginning, middle and end, and that is something the web can never do,” she says.
Why not judge for yourself? Pick up Xtra across Canada anywhere gays and lesbians congregate -- it’s free.

For more on the resizing, check out Wallace's editorial. And check out the video below.
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Get a pedicure
No amount of redesign can fix this cover model's scary feet! Pedicure puh-lease!
friend or hater, Xtra, you chose
Since Xtra covers nothing but trans issues and is run by people who are bisexual and queer only, perhaps it should be called Canada's Trans, Bi and Queer News. Homo monosexuals are heteronormative and the oppressor of these other groups so Xtra needs to take a stand. Live in the past with the oppressors or move into the future with the new Queer movement that has displaced homo sexuality with gender gender and more gender.
still 'Toronto's Gay & Lesbian News'?

if xtra is going to TRY and cover trans issues still, a new tagline should maybe be considered?
Content is King all the rest is marketing hype in this video more aimed at advertisers than readers.
“[C]urated experience”?
Nearly all _Xtra_ articles, and all of its claimed letters to the editor, were harvested from the Web, where they were published first. For “curated,” you mean “shovelled.”
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