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Xtra.ca to live-stream Toronto Pride parade


Xtra.ca to live-stream Toronto Pride parade

Daytona Bitch and Donnarama will provide commentary
Xtra.ca will produce its first live webcast of the Toronto Pride parade on Sunday, July 1, starting at 2pm. 
It will be hosted by drag queens extraordinaire Donnarama and Daytona Bitch and will be filmed in a secret garage location.
“I will not only be pouring bath salts from the heavens, I’ll also be stealing wallets, drinking hand sanitizer and screaming at topless lesbians all afternoon. And after that nice trip to my parents' house, I’ll be headed to the Pride parade for a nice long nap with my neatest friend Donnarama,” says Daytona Bitch.
Until Xtra's live coverage of Pride begins, you can find a collection of Pride videos from this year and previous years on our live-stream channel below.

Follow #xtrapride on Twitter for all our coverage. 
Watch live streaming video from xtraonline at livestream.com

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Can you please put up the video from this parade!!! we would alll love to watch it!
Live stream
Dear readers,
Thanks for tuning in and and apologies for the technical problems, which we believe occurred because there were too many people downtown using the mobile network. Stay tuned to xtra.ca for video coverage and more.

And Happy Pride!

Danny Glenwright
Wasn't working in Toronto
Hi, I tried several times in a few hours to watch the live stream. It did not work at all in Toronto. Hope Xtra can fix the glitch.
kudos to Xtra
Greetings from Boquete, Panama. Wasn't able to make it to Toronto this year for the Parade... Had hoped to see it all here. Looks like it didn't work so well. But great thinking to do the streaming, and hopefully next time, the kinks will be ironed out!
So close.
It's too bad this feed isn't working very well. It could have been so much better than CP24, who seems to focus more on their own commentators and the crowd on the sidewalk than they do on the actual parade. Every time CP24 comes back to them from other coverage, you hear them talk about what they've just seen go by (but didn't actually show the viewers). What little I've seen of the Xtra feed shows that it at least covers the actual parade. Maybe next year the equipment will be better.

Good try though guys!
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