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WorldPride lessons from London


WorldPride lessons from London

What Toronto can learn for 2014
London threw a great party for WorldPride 2012, but it wasn’t without its hiccups. There were last-minute changes that saw the parade scaled back, no floats and some official events cancelled.
With Toronto set to take the WorldPride torch in 2014, there are some lessons to be learned.
“Plenty of planning, lots and lots of planning,” says Tony Hughes when asked what advice he would give Toronto to ensure a successful event. “And make sure all the funding is there in place.”
Below are video interviews with people on all sides of the fence. They are all passionate about the event's success and where the blame for the blunders lays.

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re; Myles
oops, bad edit, the "don't just" in the first line of my previous comment should've been deleted.
Its because right wing queers, in Toronto at least, don't just hate Quebecers as much as they hate Muslims. They represent a tiny number of Toronto queers but they make a lot of noise stamping their feet and spewing their hate and anger in the comments sections of Xtra. The fact Roy took a cheap shot at you just because of where you live says all anyone needs to know about Roy and those like him. Their comments say more against them than anyone else could. They're the sort that's happiest when their comments upset or annoy others so its best, usually, to just ignore them. Just because they're loud please don't think they represent Toronto or Ontario.
Roy from Toronto,Ontario demonstrates why Bill 101 and other similar laws are necessary.This bigot would deny needed protection to one group of our founding fathers because he believes that is unjust.
Obviously if he had his way,Canada would be just another American state.
Why don't you attack New Brunswick laws as well.They also protect the language and culture.
The only thing under protection in Ontario is Israeli apartheid.
What goes around comes around
I don't disagree with your premise that QuAIA is a small organization, but I disagree that this issue is confined to them. Quite a few gay organizations have openly supported QuAIA, including Xtra. I think an organized and widely publicized boycott would be a sound and appropriate response by the gay community to Toronto's radicalized "queer" (read: anti-semitic) politics. It would also send a clear message to "queers" (including those who aid an and abet these extremists at Xtra and other gay instituations in Toronto) that there is a huge price to be paid for their hate-mongering. I urge someone in Toronto (preferably from the gay community) to mount this campaign. It was a dire mistake for Toronto to invite this event to take place here, given the current anti-Israel hatred predominating here. Everyone invovled should have obtained promises from "queers" that they would allow this event to take place. They failed to do this. And indeed do you think any government body or corporation is going to sponsor this, given the poisonous environment created over the last two years?
QuAIA is just a little fringe group of 20 people
@Jim Against-Israeli-Apartheid is a movement of thousands of students around the world at various universities --including American universities. The Queer version QuAIA is just a little fringe group of about 20 people in Toronto. They have no power at all. They can't do anything. They just make a lot of noise like 20 mosquitos buzzing around one's head. Asking people to boycott World Pride over 20 noisy people is paranoid schizophrenic type of ridiculous.
I wonder if QuAIA and other Queer leftists would consider Quebec's language laws to be a form of apartheid?
Perhaps if Israel became more gay friendly and gays were allowed to marry and live outside the ghetto,that backward state should be invited to pride.
Boycott World Pride 2014
I think an argument could be made that someone should specifically inform the Americans of what is happening in Toronto when it comes to "Israeli Apartheid", ie the fact that gay politics and Pride itself has been hijacked by a strong anti-Israel lobby. ~~~~ This is something that most American gays would perceive as anti-semitic. We could explain the positions and histories of the various people and organisations involved, including of course Xtra. ~~~~ It's pretty clear that absolutely nothing will stop these fanatics from exprsesing their views. Holding World Pride here just encourages them. ~~~~ Perhaps a committee could be formed to ask Americans to boycott World Pride in Toronto in 2014.
Big mistake
Nope, that's not how it's going to go at all. Multicultural Toronto may be, but it is also a parochial, seething hellhole of poltical correctess and weird gay politics. We're not a truly gracious, international city at all. ~~~~ Every nutcase in the city is going to seize this event as an opportunity for grandstanding. I even see violence breaking out as gay Jews from all over the world try to understand what is happening. ~~~~ The Americans, Brits, etc. are certainly going to wonder what the hell is going on. Most gay people in other countries are already flabbergasted at the direction that gay politics in Toronto has taken, once it is explained to them. ~~~~ Our own Pride organisation and funding has degenerated into a mess. I'm a little worried that World Pride will be damaged by Toronto's involvement. Look at how Canada utterly fucked up the Gay Games. ~~~~ It was a mistake to bid for World Pride; it was a mistake to choose us.
I used to be against the QuAIA for creating discord in the LGBT community. But now I realize that the blame-game doesn't go anywhere. So the QuAIA are 20 people who make some media noise and then Kulanu makes noise back at them... Both groups are irrelevant actors in Middle East politics nor politics anywhere. They are both one of the many tiny groups that make up the sum of LGBT groups in Toronto and even more thousands of LGBT individuals who are not members of any group. Neither QuAIA nor Kulanu have any power to make laws or to change social ideologies. They don't use weapons. They don't cause death or maiming as religious groups do in other countries. As a matter of fact, QuAIA report being victims of attacks with bottles in the parade. But If we ignore them, they will be yelling only to themselves until they get tired and go away. End of story...


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