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Vancouver Pride photos and video


Vancouver Pride photos and video

Check out our coverage of the parade!
A sunny day provided the perfect backdrop for the Vancouver Pride Parade on Aug 2. Check out our pics and video below:

Also, check out Xtra.ca's Pride coverage across Canada — pics and video of events from Victoria to Halifax.

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another video on Vancouver pride parade
to Scheskie, Vancouver BC
I can appreciate your sentiments here. We are definitely not done with the fight for rights in the GLBTTQ Community, at the same time PRIDE is a celebration of not only the rights we have, but the diversity within our community. The most beautiful thing about our community is that we embrace all different types. I think celebrating our sexual freedom is just as important as celebrating our political freedoms. I’m quite certain the Bear Bounce was just one way for that part of our community to celebrate the freedoms they are afforded. You may not see that but it’s true.
We are not all twinks
'I must say that the Bear Bounce was a major eye opener for me and that it has left a taint on Canada and Vancouver that I’m not sure can be recovered from.'

So I guess if you don't fit your image of 'GAY' its a issue. I was one of the men at the Bear Bounce and take insult to your comment. Your comment sickens me. Anyone of the men there have more character than you my ignorant @$#@#$#.
Pride? or Hide?
I must say that the Bear Bounce was a major eye opener for me and that it has left a taint on Canada and Vancouver that I’m not sure can be recovered from. The last 2 years I went down to the parade and then came home both times I had a great fun filled "pride" day, and assumed that all those thousands of people went out to further celebrate pride at their favorite restaurants and bars and friends houses. While I’m sure some people actually did do some further celebration, it was however not in celebration of pride or of our community or of the fact that Canada has the world’s freest gay population in the world. It wasn’t because Canada allows gay marriage and doesn’t persecute gays, or because of the rainbow flags that adorn Davie street, or because they are very safe here in Vancouver as gay men and women. It was because there were more people out than usual and the hook ups were abound and their cocks were throbbing. I know I am naive it is true and it has always been, but I come from a place where all of the above rights and privileges are not available to us. I watched with a broken heart as Prop 8 passed in California, where my fellow citizens of the USA proclaimed in their mighty voices we don’t like your kind and we don’t want you to have rights like the rest of us. When I visit the states and go to a gay bar I am still scared walking in and out because I have no rights there to protect me and people who commit crimes against us are touted as being confused by us and threatened as men I guess.

I spent a considerable amount of time looking for some way to help my friends celebrate pride and give them flair that showed what this Canadian way of thinking means to the gay community and especially to me as a new Canadian Permanent resident. I had a box of 12 rainbow beads shipped up from the states because I have never seen such fitting pride beads and nobody else here would have similar ones. I thought wow these are great and on pride
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