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UPDATE: Wynne 'will send a message of equality'


UPDATE: Wynne 'will send a message of equality'

Kathleen Wynne is Canada's first openly gay premier.Kathleen Wynne is congratulated by outgoing premier Dalton McGuinty.Sandra Pupatello, Wynne's chief rival, took the stage with Wynne and vowed to work with her in the new legislature.Wynne's supporters celebrate Jan 26 in Toronto.Kathleen Wynne is Canada's first openly gay premier. IMAGE 1 OF 5
Kathleen Wynne will be Canada's first openly gay premier
Just steps from Toronto’s gay village, Kathleen Wynne made history by becoming the first lesbian premier of Ontario, beating Sandra Pupatello in a close race to the finish at the Ontario Liberal leadership convention Jan 26.
Wynne vowed to “get back to work” Tuesday morning right before outgoing premier Dalton McGuinty joined her onstage at the Mattamy Athletic Centre, in the former Maple Leaf Gardens.
“We will show the people of Ontario that we can govern in a minority parliament,” said Wynne, who some pundits predicted will not appeal to voters outside Ontario’s largest city. “And can we just get this Toronto thing out of the way? I will be the premier for the whole province.”
Before voting started, Wynne also put the “gay question” to rest in her speech to more than 2,000 delegates.
“Is Ontario ready for a gay premier? You’ve heard that question. Let’s say what that actually means. Can a gay woman win? Not surprisingly, I haven’t answered that question.”
The 59-year-old politician recalled 2003, when fellow Liberal Party members warned her that voters were unlikely to elect a gay woman. She won anyway.
“There was a time not that long ago that most of us in this leadership race would not have been deemed suitable: a Portuguese Canadian, an Indo-Canadian, an Italian Canadian, female, gay, Catholic,” she said. “We would not have been able to stand on this stage. But this province has changed. Our party has changed.
“I do not believe the people of Ontario judge their leader on the basis of race, sexual orientation, colour or religion. I don’t believe it. They judge us on our merits, on our abilities, on our expertise, on our ideas, because that’s how everyone deserves to be judged.”
With Wynne’s victory, she becomes the sixth female premier in Canada.
Jules Kerlinger, with the Queer Liberals, says having a lesbian premier is a triumph for queer rights in Ontario. But, he adds, it will now be up to her to reach out to rural areas and show that she is about more than just gay rights.
“Twenty years ago this never would have happened,” he says. “Even today, there’s still those who will say she’s not electable because she’s a lesbian. Her sexuality does not define her. Her ideas and leadership go beyond that . . . She will send a message of equality.”
Wynne may not have campaigned on a queer-rights platform, but her sexuality was very much in the spotlight, in part because others thrust it there.
Those on her team were more than happy to talk about her sexuality and praise Wynne as a champion for gay rights.
When asked why there were no colours in Wynne's black-and-white logo, Liberal staffer Milton Chan said, "The campaign is gay enough without rainbows."
Wynne was the first out lesbian elected to Queen's Park in 2003. In 2006, she became the province's first lesbian cabinet minister. As education minister, she introduced a groundbreaking inclusive physical and sex education curriculum in 2010, which drew fire from ultra-conservative groups. The province shelved the curriculum until further consultations with parent groups could be completed – it has yet to be retabled.
Wynne also helped author a provincewide equity and inclusive education policy. The policy has been contentious with Catholic school boards, which altered it to prevent queer students from forming gay-straight alliances (GSAs) or discussing queer issues in school.
Wynne came out as a lesbian at age 37, after 13 years of marriage to a man with whom she has three children, now aged 32, 31 and 28. She is a grandmother to two granddaughters.
In 2000, Wynne was elected as a public school trustee in Toronto. During the campaign she was targeted by anonymous hate literature that described her as an “extremist lesbian.” In 2001, she helped pass a measure that encouraged public schools to purchase teaching materials that reflect the presence of gay and lesbian parents.
Wynne was elected to the Ontario legislature in 2003, defeating Progressive Conservative cabinet minister David Turnbull.
Wynne inherits a laundry list of problems as Ontario’s new premier. For more than a year the Liberals have been plagued by scandal. McGuinty resigned from office in October and, in doing so, prorogued provincial parliament, leaving behind serious questions about the province’s troubled Ornge air ambulance service and the party’s controversial decision to relocate two gas plants. Wynne will also have to deal with increasing economic uncertainty in the province, ongoing labour unrest with teachers and a swelling deficit.
“I don’t deny that we as a party have had challenges, but now is the time to show we have learned from our mistakes and say they will not happen again,” she said as thousands of protesters gathered outside to voice their frustration with Bill 115, the province’s anti-strike legislation brought in to enforce contracts on teachers.
Even though the Ontario government officially repealed Bill 115 Jan 23, many protesters said Wynne will need to build bridges with the province’s angry teachers.
Martine Stonehouse, who works at the Toronto District School Board, says she expects Wynne to have an understanding of the needs of teachers and those working in education. Out of all the leadership candidates, she says, Wynne is still in the good books with teachers.
“We need a leader who will fight for working people, teachers and people living in poverty,” she says. “We need to do more for the homeless. We need affordable housing. We need to get people off the streets. We need our government to stop attacking people.”
Education Minister Laurel Broten tells Xtra Wynne is in the best position to rebuild the government’s relationship with the education sector. “We need a new pathway forward, and I hope Kathleen begins that conversation right away,” she says.
MPP Glen Murray, who dropped out of the race for leader earlier in the month, pledging his support to Wynne, says the new premier will tackle the scandals and hurdles “in stride.”
“She’s a remarkable woman. She has personal integrity. She is committed to transparency and will be a very ethical leader. I think you’ll see a real energized party. It’s now Kathleen Wynne’s provincial party.”
Jan 26 - Where there's a Wynne there's a way

Kathleen Wynne has defeated five other Liberal challengers to become Canada's first openly gay premier. 

The MPP for Don Valley West triumphed on the third ballot over Sandra Pupatello, her main rival, after Gerard Kennedy and Charles Sousa dropped out of the race to support her. 

Earlier in the day, Harinder Takhar pledged his support to Pupatello, while Eric Hoskins, who came in last on the first ballot, asked his delegates to support Wynne. 

Wynne's win will ensure her place in the history books. Not only will she be the first openly gay Canadian premier, she will also be Ontario's first female premier.

Xtra is following this story. 
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what does that mean
Michel, they`re doing wonders in ESL classes these days. Or does your non-sequitor betray a deeper synaptic disarray somewhere between homunculous and cunt.
Nutbar #1
Har har, Toronto ON - 01/28/13 11:43 AM EST. I'm reasonably sane and love poking a stick in your eye once in while.
“Muslims Don’t Vote for Gays”
Winne “the first openly gay Canadian premier...also...Ontario's first female premier.” BUT for how long? A minority Liberal Gov can be toppled through a Non-Confidence vote by opposition parties before the Liberal term is up. Winne will be thrown out with the dirty bath water of dissatisfaction with Liberals over union busting, rising electricity prices, etc. Unfortunately she will not stand a chance in a general election. And, Muslims will play a large part in not re-electing Winne. First of all, Muslims are mostly conservative in their world views and second, “Muslims Don’t Vote for Gays” —as the roadsigns said during Smitherman’s defeat, electing Homophobic red-neck Ford instead. Winne has been licking the asses of people who will shit all over her. It will be a mountain of pure holy Halal garlic shit. Only her 4eyes blinking will remain visible.
a POV on context
Randy -- it is not necessarily about anti-Semitism. It is about white shame and the inverse reification of "racism" into the current leftist concept if greatest sin. There is no greater sin of all in this world as being seen as racist (despite the fact that many of these same people say that race is a social construct with no more real vailidity than genitals tell us anything about the "sex" of a person). During the 60s when identity politics were being developed, Islam (unknown to the west) became known to white leftists in two contexts: many hip and leftist black Americans were becoming Muslim as a rejection of all white culture in the USA which was christian; and a French-romanticism of militant Muslims in former colonies who were throwing off western imperialism (Algeria, Palestine, etc.). These people were identified as "brown". This in the eyes of hip white leftists, Islam is associated with very hip anti racist black and brown people's liberation from white colonialism. The details of Islam are irrelevant to these white leftists. All just exaggerations or justifiable after centuries of white oppression. Unquestioned support of all Islam as a form of anti-racist anti-oppression work is now a tenet of the white left. Modern western homosexuality is the crucible (one of them -- also modern western feminism though it intersects in ways to weird to include)in which movement purity is now proven. White oppressive homosexuals hate Islam as a religion and are seen as closet racists. Progressive white Queers are anti-racist and celebrate all Islamic causes especially against Israel now seen as the most right wing whitest most colonialist oppressor since south africa. So Homos, are you with us or against us, cry QAIA! Those who oppose will be vilified. Those who support will be championed. Real Queers against oppressing Gays is the zeitgeist of the current homosexual body politic. And it is playing out in these letters and around the blog
Outgoing Premier Kathleen Wynne's
transition team includes (according to the Toronto Star)MICHAEL BRYANT, you know, the guy who killed cyclist Darcy Sheppard. It just get's better and better doesn't it?.....http://youtu.be/7apRN7vvm_A.....
Nutbar #1
"A Conservative Government or a minority Conservative government could be the change the Province needs to get back on track." Yup.. That's it. Michel F. Pare is completely fucking insane. Or stupid. Quite possibly both, it's hard to say.
Is ACT Anti-Semitic?
Reading some of the Aids Committee Of Toronto's Communications Coordinator Andrew Brett's tweets and those he chooses to re-tweet including those tweets that attack moderate Tarek Fatah, and his support for supporters of QUAIA I'm wondering what's going on at ACT? I thought ACT was there for those with HIV/Aids? I have HIV and his sneaky borderline tweets are enough to keep me away from that organization. It makes me uncomfortable. Who are these people? Where were they educated if at all? What's with all this seeming anti-semitism?
Thanks for the link! For those who don't understand my reference to "Dhimmi" watch this video! Kathleen Wynne is a typical Dhimmi! During her campaign she sent out a special email to Muslim delegates reminding them that she supported Muslim prayer in our schools - that she supported Imams coming onto school property to preach the vile hate-filled tenets of the Quran - tenets for example that demand the execution of homosexuals! I AM NOT MAKING THIS STUFF UP! HERE IS A LINK TO A COPY OF AN EMAIL THAT WYNNE SENT TO A DELEGATE WHO SHE THOUGHT (MISTAKENLY) WAS MUSLIM!!! SEE FOR YOURSELF!!! https://twitter.com/hani87/status/293893027209031680/photo/1
A Dhimmi
Thanks Luke for tipping me off to this Dhimmi!


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