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Trevor Boris covers Toronto Pride


Trevor Boris covers Toronto Pride

Hot boys, girls and weather
Toronto can lay claim to another successful Pride parade. 

The dykes were on bikes, the boys took off their shirts and the sequins stayed on the drag queens’ outfits.
Despite competition from Canada Day, the crowd numbered more than one million strong, and the party is expected to go late into the night. 
Below are our video highlights of this year’s Pride parade, at which Trevor Boris played host.

And check out Xtra's Pride photo gallery.


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"Do your pants up!"
Yep, that pretty much is Toronto. "Do your pants up." Were doomed. As Michael says he is apparently "the funniest, quickest mind in Canada." We're finished. It's over man.
hey michael.. i assume you're talking about my chat with Rick who is a dear friend by the way. totally get what you're saying but we chatted for a few minutes - during this time he had A LOT to say and it got cut down to what you saw. sorry they didn't throw in more of him but i didn't edit it.
Walking with the funniest, quickest mind in Canada and you didn't let him speak!! Learn some mike technique and maybe some manors, this is not always about your own cuteness.
Xtra and all staff Rock :)
Fabulous Video! Thanks Xtra you're the best.
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