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Source recounts dating murder suspect Luka Magnotta


Source recounts dating murder suspect Luka Magnotta

Luka Magnotta posed as a fab boy in a May 2007 issue of Xtra's sister publication, fab magazine. IMAGE 1 OF 1
Says man seemed obsessed with serial killers
"Julie" – the name is a pseudonym – tells Xtra she dated Luka Magnotta in Toronto for just over a month early in 2006. Magnotta is the man wanted in the video-recorded murder and dismemberment of a so-far unidentified man whose body parts began turning up in Montreal and Ottawa on May 29.
“It’s a good thing he didn’t kill me,” Julie says. “He was a very cold person.”
She remembers Magnotta as a loner with little love for Toronto’s club scene. When they met, he had just left his job as a dancer at Remington’s, a Toronto gay strip club. He had then moved into work as a gay porn actor and was making most of his income as an escort, she adds. Magnotta’s escort work took him abroad, Julie says, which may explain why police believe he is in Europe.
One of his escort profiles, in which he was listed under the name “Jimmy,” includes a client review. “I felt as though I was trying to have sex with a dead fish, so I just gave up,” it reads.
Julie says she and Magnotta did not have sex in the time they dated. There was “no intimacy, no nothing,” she says. Magnotta liked holding her hand, she adds, but would not kiss her on the lips.
She says Magnotta told her that when he was a teen, he had sex with his biological mother, who suffered from mental illness. Julie says she became wary of Magnotta because of his seemingly consuming interest in serial killers. “He would talk about them constantly,” she says. He was especially interested in Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo, though Julie says she doesn’t believe Homolka and Magnotta ever dated, or even met.
Julie paints an image of a Magnotta with two very distinct personalities: a quiet, passive-aggressive man who would “hold all of his anger in,” and a vain, conceited man who would demand she take pictures of him to post to his multitude of online profiles. She says he spent much of his time checking the internet, especially his YouTube channels, where he would later post grisly images of animal mutilation. “He was very self-obsessed, very narcissistic,” she says. He was prone to sudden mood swings, she adds, but was also “a very good actor.”
Julie says she hasn’t heard from Magnotta since she dumped him in March 2006, except once, when he called her after being stranded by a client. She says she severed ties after that.

"He always wanted to be famous," Julie says. "I guess now he is."
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Read the whole post
If you read the whole post you can see he is calling himself a transsexual named Barbie. That is the name of his ex who he used to date. He is reposting posts she already posted on anther forum. Just anther side of this sick person. So if you really look you will see that it was Barbie who posted the comment about Nina not Luka.
Luka did know Nina
He mentioned her in 2009, when he was exploring transsexuality, and said she was a very nice person.

Hook-up Gone Horribly Wrong!
This is a tragic case of a "hookup gone horribly wrong"! According to the unfolding story, Lin is thought to be a closeted gay man who happened to seek for friends, sexual and/or romantic encounter online through on-line gay dating sites. It is very typical for many of the gay Asian males fantasize for Caucasian males, and I believe Lin was mainly seeking for Caucasian friends online by claiming on his profile: "looking for Caucasian" for fun and/or long term relationship or "attracted to white only" or somewhere along that line. Ultimately, Magnotta saw Lin as his vulnerable target when his sicko moments turned on, and eventually has lead to Magnotta’s psychopathic motives to Lin’s body. As the story unfolds, it is highly and unlikely Magnotta and Lin are "Lovers" as stories claimed Magnotta has the inclination of white supremacy ideology. If this were true, Magnotta would strictly dates guys of his own race. Lin happened to be the prey of Magnotta, and Magnotta’s killing fantasy. Lin’s hook up with Magnotta happened at a very wrong time. Lin would imagine himself his romantic encounter with Magnotta could eventually lead to a long term romantic relationship. Instead, the naive side of Lin would never have thought this hook up could cause him his life. The gruesome video of Magnotta's showed Lin was completely naked lying in Magnotta's bed at the beginning. He was seen comfortable being blind-folded with his arms and legs loosely tided up by rope suggested Lin's openly submitted himself to kinky foreplay prior Lin's death.
Ed Note
Hi Matt. If you do a little research like I said you will see holes in her story. I am also posting as someone who knows her and knows the way she works the media to benefit her. Even it is morally wrong. I understand that Nina in some circles is respected and I can not deny her body of work is impressive. But using this painful situation to get ahead is just wrong on all levels. Again take the time to research what I am talking about it is not hard to find the evidence online and see for yourself.
Ed's note
Hi Truth. That's a pretty big logical leap. I wondered when I saw that vid and compared it with Nina's interview with CBC if she had already ended her association with Magnotta by the time the CoverGuy segment was shot. Nina's description of Magnotta is congruent with those of virtually every other source. There's no reason to suspect her story is false.
sickened by Arsenault
If you listen to the video from the show she was a judge on. You can clearly hear in her voice that she does not know him nor is he her type with the comments she is making. Knowing her and reading what she has written about her type as well proves he is not what she likes in men. Watch the video and the way she acts when being interviewed. Hand on face, talking to air and not making eye contact. Those are all things people do when they are lying. Not to mention when someone talks about this type of subject who would put on full hair and that horrible make-up. She to me is almost as sick as he is for using this to promote herself
one can only hope mister maggot meets the same fate as mister dahmer.
hoodwinked by another creep
truth, thank you for exposing this heinous media whore Nina Arsenault. In the Star, she claims she has a "relationship" with Luka for 3 weeks! On CBC tv she implied it was more substantial. They definintely met as Luka was interviewed by Nina and others on some tv show. She most likely did know the creep. And from her own admission in her old Fab column at that time she was vampirising disability money from mentally challenged men for cheap sex so she could pay for her endless self-mutilations. Using a connection with someone who will end up as one of history's cannibal killing monsters is par for the course for the odious creature Nina Arsenault. A phoney whose 15 minutes are long over.
Some Truth
The reason the person did not wish to use there real name was because they did not wish to have there name involved in this. Although it might have been better to just say nothing at all.

As for Nina’s story of her “romance” that was 100% Bs Now that is a person who just wanted to get some attention on main stream news only (No offence xtra). It is also funny to add that she had a book launch to promote. If you do your research and look more deeply into her story you can see many holes in her timeline.

She says that they meet in 2002 and that he was her first lover once she started her transition. Well first, on her bio page she list that her transition started in 1998 not 2002. That would make Luka around 14/15. Also she said that he was 18 when they met at Remington’s, well he can not work at Remington's until he was 19. She was also on kink in 2002 and it filmed in 2001 and at that time she had a Boyfriend who was even on the show with her and they were together from 2001 - 2004.

Someone like that is almost as sick as Luka himself. Who uses this type of situation to get noticed and promote themselves? For the record, I am using a fake name because I myself do not wish to be part of this. But this information can be found on her bio. I have known Nina since 1998 and was very good friends with her and know how she works and knows first hand that her story is BS.
I asked this question yesterday Xtra doesn't want too. Matt says draw your own conclusion. Anyway you can look up Sociopath on Google, seems to fit the suspect.


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