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Pornstars in fab underwear shoot


Pornstars in fab underwear shoot

James Hunstman and Trystan Bull take it off
The recent underwear cover shoot for Xtra's sister publication, fab, was so hot we felt the heat over at xtra.ca. Below are behind-the-scenes video clips from the shoot and interviews with pornstars and models James Huntsman and Trystan Bull. 
Despite his role in the underwear shoot, one of the guys prefers going commando.
“I have to say, no underwear is the way to go,” says Huntsman, who has been featured in such videos as Top Shelf, Pool Boys and Christmas Orgy.
Fab’s underwear issue will hit stands on Aug 1.

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homos and Role models?
Both of you go somewhere else. Seriously it makes me sad when people have nothing better to say than negative words. Get a life.
Not good role models
Mr. Huntsman (who screws both genders--he is not straight) is lauded as a "hero"... and Christians are so "bad" because spiritually, physically, and sexually healthy people are their role models. shame. I guess spreading HIV and lame news is really important to this publication and its readers. and so long as you wear a condom you're not hurting anyone. I guess the condom is the new faith. Nearly 25% of Canadian gay men infected with HIV. How's that working for yas? http://thesword.com/gay-for-pay-porn-star-james-huntsman-talks-dieting-safe-sex-and-preventing-gay-teen-suicide.html
more debasement
A nelly ninny degrading herself over hetero men. Is that still with us? The femme bottom unrequited fagge and the hetero teaser making money off such an easy mark. Pathetic triumph of the self-loathing of genderqueer gay.
Yummy men!
They're both straight, which is disappointing, but they look absolute edible in this video. YUMMY to the max!
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