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New Anonymous video mentions 2008 Xtra story


New Anonymous video mentions 2008 Xtra story

Online hacker group says it will soon reveal more information about Vic Toews
A new Anonymous video posted March 1 references a 2008 Xtra story about Public Safety Minister Vic Toews in which Winnipeg writer Kaj Hasselriis describes seeing Toews at the Winnipeg  Fringe Festival.

In the story Hasselriis reveals information about Toews' adultery and divorce -- both of which have more recently been discussed in relation to Bill C-30 and what is being called the VikiLeaks attack.
The story also cites a Winnipeg Free Press report about a vacancy on Manitoba's Court of Queen's Bench, which Toews had allegedly been vetted for by the prime minister's office, despite Stephen Harper's knowledge of Toews' adultery. 

"The Treasury Board President's formerly squeaky-clean image as an upright, Christian family man is now in tatters," wrote Hasselriis in 2008. "Many people would say that's nobody's business, except for one thing: the way the Conservatives are allegedly trying to deal with the sticky situation of having an adulterer in their ranks."

The Anonymous video, called "Sex, Lies and Judicial Appointments Part II" uses a computer-generated woman's voice and states the group will soon reveal more information about Toews.

"Our allegiance lies with the Canadian people," it states. "Fellow Canadians, our own government is attempting to intimidate its citizens into not engaging in legal forms of protest." 

An Angus Reid poll found that 53 percent of Canadians think Bill C-30 is too intrusive, while just 27 percent think it is necessary to fight online criminal activity. 

Xtra is following this story. 
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Who Watches The Watchmen?
Our government has failed us! Not only the Conservatives but the NDP and Liberals! It's time Canadians take Canada back! Shout out for changes in the government! Changes that will put the power back in the hands of the people! We need laws that allow us to force referendums on the politicians when they get out of hand and laws to punish the politicians for when they go to far! The first politician we should hold accountable is Vic Toews. Just in case you forgot what you did, Mr. Toews, you are a liar! You lied to the people of this country, now you should pay the price.



Personal attakck on a pubilic figure in a first world democracy. Anonymous needs to get it's priorities straight...I beg you, actaully do something useful like bring attack regimes like Iran or Saudi Arabia that kill their citizens on a regular basis and openly murder gay people. I'm willing to bet that most of the world feel that the members of anonymous are probably a bunch of first world teenagers that have never felt real oppression or dicrimination in their lives.
he looks alot like
a client i did in early 2009. (i guess i should have asked for ID lol)
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