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Luka Magnotta heading back to court


Luka Magnotta heading back to court

Nina Arsenault recounts relationship
Luka Magnotta, accused in the grisly murder of Chinese-born university student Lin Jun, is scheduled to appear in a Montreal courtroom on Monday, March 11 for a preliminary hearing. 
Magnotta’s lawyer has filed a motion in Quebec Court requesting that the public be banned from the courtroom. Heavy media coverage is expected at the hearing.
Magnotta became the subject of an international manhunt in May after Jun's body parts were mailed to various locations and offices across Canada. Magnotta has pleaded not guilty to all charges. 
Below is a video interview with Nina Arsenault, who was briefly involved with Magnotta.

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Nina Is A Liar
I am actually friends with Luka and have continued to be even while he has been in jail. He has no idea who Nina is. Soon as he saw her in Dr. Drew last year he was like "who the hell is that?".
What are you, her mother
Raymond Helkio? The easiest way not to answer questions `that clearly she did not want to answer` is to say no, turn off the camera, interview over. That simple. I and others are reading the act of the usual stupid Nina who is attracted to media like like fellow decayed leech Norma Desmond was to any camera. She`s a moral nothing as she long ago admitted in print bragging that some of her endless mutilations were paid for by taking money for sex with developmentally challenged and other exploited and marginalized men. Why defend this unpleasant sociopath who is featured by the `queer media as if she is the only trans person in the village of Toronto. There must be some younger trans men and woman whose stories would be interesting though none of them fucked psychotic murderers and then pimped the experience to the media like `smart nina` so maybe they`re too boring for xtra.
Smart Nina, Stupid Press
Nina did a fantastic job warding off questions that clearly she didn't want to answer. Judging by the amount of absolutely stupid and hideous comments by viewers I can't help but wonder why this interview clip was used. It was taken after her performance and the beautiful costume she has on is now altering the conversation and it's irresponsible and hurtful to the lgbt community. Seriously, this little clip is mean spirited.
She's nevr even met Luka
There is footage on Youtube of Luka auditioning for Cover Guy, the last judge rejects him. The thing is, that last judge is Nina Arsenault, and nor she or Luka seem to show any indication that they have ever met. She even says "I'm surprised at how you look in person compared to your folio"... I guess when she saw her chance to latch onto his name when he was making worldwide headlines, she didn't consider footage like that would come out to prove her a liar.
ps your Carson shtik smells like ass
Luka may be in the fight for his life in a glass box but how is that any worse than the fight for his life that Lin Jun made on film as he begged for his life from this homocidal monster. Magnotta is a Chikitilo so deserves a cage. And your implication that it is somehow not hip to condemn Magnotta and his trial is about as assholish, inhuman and brain dead as everything that comes out of the face orifice of Nina Arsenal, truly the most stupid of all the demi-self-celebs to ever crawl out of a Moosinee trailer camp.
Siss Boom BAH!
Describe the sound of an exploding sheep..

may the fleas of a sick yak make caca in your sister's cous cous.
Luc.. you are NOT my son..
Jason.. are you sure that Luc Leclair is gay? Please provide some info about that. What I know about Luc is that he is a lifelong conservative Tory, has worked very hard on the campaigns of several tory's including Stephen Harper, who was sent a body part. Is friends with Stephen Harper (the prime minister of Canada), and whose law office is in the same building, just down the hall from the Humane Society of Canada! Luka is in for the fight of his life with this man Luc Leclair as the prosecuting attorney! Oh wait.. hmm.. Luc Leclair is Luka's DEFENSE ATTORNEY! Now isnt' that special? Maybe that is why when Luka was in court a few weeks ago, he sat ALONE in a glass cage, with handcuffs and legs shackled like an animal.. while Leclair sat outside the soundproof glass enclosure. Only at the end of the proceedings did Luka have the opportunity to briefly communicate with his own defense attorney - through an intercom! Canadian justice.. hah! ptuiii! Canada is going to have to change quite a bit if they ever hope to become a real country, instead of just a place to breed and train hockey players and trap beavers.
This may be dark but
If there is anything that Nina should take away from this it's that she is lucky to be alive. Maybe she should think about that? It could have just as easily been her instead of Lin Jun. Maybe that's to sobering a thought for Mrs. Arsenault to really consider?
This idiot is gross
the crocodile tears of a clown
Beyond incredulity. Beyond vile.


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